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Are women psychic?

Asked by rojo (24169points) September 12th, 2012

Do all women have this inate, psychic ability that allows them to know precisely when a man enters the bathroom? And why do they pick that exact moment to decide they need you to do something? And finally, why do they have to ask “Are you in there?”? Don’t you already know that? The door is locked and there are rude noises emanating from the chamber.

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Yes. They can also tell the exact moment when you just sat down on the couch with a beer.

That one’s usually followed by her sweetest voice saying “Honey, can you come (whatever direction is furthest away from the couch and your ice cold beer) for a sec (code for: until your beer is warm, flat, and you forgot why you even sat down in the first place)?”

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They are not psychic.
What you are describing is what some people call a “control thing”. It is the one moment when you are somewhat vulnerable and not in a position to feel comfortable about engaging in a debate. Thus you stop thinking clearly and start to get careless.
When you are in the head, and they ask you to do something, your exasperation will cause to carelessly say something like “not now” or “later” .

If you were thinking properly you would say “No, I can’t help you” or “I am going to go play golf” or something like that.

But the careless responses imply that you will do it, just not at that moment. Then you’re hooked. She will be waiting for the flush.

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I think you meant “psychotic” ... :)

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Yes, and we would like significant monetary compensation for the outing of this fact.

Thank you.

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Nah, just clever fuckers.

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Yes. And I knew you were going to ask that!

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No, they’re just used to being disappointed.

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No more than the man who knows exactly when she sits down after cleaning the house, making dinner and getting the kids to bed, to ask if she’d press his suit or wash his favorite shirt.
It’s all part of the game, which is still tied after multi-innings.

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Yes. Yes, they are.

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They know when you are sleeping. They know when you’re awake. They know if you’ve been good or bad so be good….

No, wait. Santa Claus?


Santa Claus?


I always did think there was something fishy about that fake beard….. :-O

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@Sunny2 No, no, that’s a misconception. We do that because we’re thoughtless (or to a lesser extent because we think you’re made of magic). We do however get up from the couch, or out of the bathroom, because we do occasionally recognize said thoughtlessness and try to make up for it. And sometimes because we realize how completely awesome magic really is.

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@wundayatta I believe you meant Santa Claws, no?

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They’re only psychic when it suits them. And by “psychic” I mean… they like to assume things a lot.

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Are men sexist?

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@SpatzieLover Sexism is an equal opportunity occupation.

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Some women are psychic, & some women are not. Some men are psychic, & some men are not. Some women are thoughtful, & some women are not. Some men are thoughtful, & some men are not. It all depends upon the relationship between the man & the woman – it is NOT a power-play for the women & men who are in love with each other.

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That’s not being psychic, that’s just survival. We want to make sure we don’t step into the bathroom any time soon. What we really want is a warning for when you guys do number two. Guys don’t always warn us when naplam was set off in there. You think the air freshner (if you bother) acts like fairy dust and makes it all disappear afterwards. We are simply wired for survival. We know it’s a secret plan of yours to kill us painfully.

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Haha, this thread made me laugh. We only have one bathroom in our house, and at least once a day, my husband decides he needs to use it urgently right after I’ve sat myself down on the toilet. I think you may have this physic thing in reverse. ~

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@Pandora That reminds me of when I was in college.
We were partying over at a friends one day, my roommate was in the bathroom which was stocked with air freshener and as he came out another friend headed in.
My roommate casually said “Careful in there, it smells like someone sh*t in a pine forest”. Everyone in the room cracked up and that phrase is still in use among us 30 years later.

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As long as we are going down this path, let me say I hate air freshener. That shit smells worse than an outhouse. Give me the honest scent of shit any day over that fake, chemical, sickly sweetness—all mingled with shit smell. It really doesn’t help and just makes things worse. Whoever invented it is a carbuncle on the ass of a slime mold.

Did I mention I hate air freshener?

[end pet peeve]

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@wundayatta You might try spraying the air with hydrogen peroxide. I’ve never tried it on bathrooms, but the H2O2-accelerated solvent that I’m not supposed to use at work (not sure why, can’t get a real answer out of management) does briefly lend a sort of ‘clean’ scent to my ovens when it comes time to wash them out. With luck, the vapor will trap the stink-particles and bring them to the floor.

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@rojo ROWLMAO! I have to remember that.
@wundayatta Yes, the two combined is never good. But I have found that lysol does a pretty decent job. I only keep that one in my bathrooms, but I still ask that the air vent be put on and a warning announced.
One day I’m going to invent a toilet sniffer. If it just got bombed horribly an alarm outside the bathroom doors will ring. Going to sell it to airlines too, only their the person will be locked in and an air mask will drop and the room air will be sucked out for 15 seconds. So when they open that door they don’t contaminate anyone else.

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I was thinking about this this afternoon, and I was wondering whether other people know how to breathe through their mouths, or is that something only I do? I don’t mean to be facetious because I can’t recall ever talking about this with anyone. But if it smells bad, I don’t smell it. I mean, I breathe through my mouth. Do other people not do that?

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@wundayatta I do, but it kind of grosses me out. Knowing I’m taking that funky air into my mouth. Icky.

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Ah. I see. I doubt it would help, but perhaps telling yourself that you nose is capable of detecting a few parts in a billion, and that is probably all you are smelling. We are particularly sensitive to sulfur.

I always think of stories of survival in the concentration camps where people waded into the cesspools beneath outhouses in order to hide. Sometimes they even held their breaths and went under. You do what you have to survive, and if they could do that, then me smelling a little bit of shit in the bathroom is nowhere near going to kill me, unpleasant as it may be.

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@Sunny2 My response was mainly in response to the Q, and the ridiculous topics aimed at women

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I am psychic. I know that if I try to talk to my husband through the bathroom door, he will yell at me to leave him the hell alone while he is in there. It is a rule in this house. Nobody is allowed to talk to Daddy when he is in the bathroom.

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I don’t know if anyone is still following this but thanks to all who answered.

Update: I have been experimenting lately. I have begun to announce that I am going to go to the bathroom and to ask is there anything needed before I do. Invariably my wife will say no and then I have some freetime. At first I thought that this had just startled her and that she did not have time to come up with something. Now, I am not so sure. She surely has had time to adjust and store up a list of things that need to be done but she still answers no and does not bother me.
I think I am being set up but cannot see how.

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@wundayatta I am glad to see someone coming out against air fresheners! Those things are vile, and they seem to be in public toilets everywhere suddenly. If the option is available, use a fan, people. Otherwise, let it dissipate on its own. Air “fresheners” only make things worse.

Oh! And can I take a moment to vent about the ones that are on some kind of time release? The ones that somehow know when you’re walking by them, then try to mist you in the eye? Those. Gross.

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