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Would you like to give it up for Pandora on earning 20K or should we not open that box?

Asked by janbb (59595points) September 12th, 2012

Party time, people, party time! Let’s celebrate another top Jelly!

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Yay @Pandora! Woo Hoo…now I can look forward to a party after my dentist appointment in a few hours. Since my teeth will be nice and clean I might as well chew on a happy brownie to celebrate! Party time!

I propose making my favorite grilled veggie quesadillas, a nice dark beer and happy brownies for all! Thanks for giving me the rationale to indulge a bit later. lol
I always enjoy your presence here in fluther town, you have built a solid reputation for easy to get along with, humor and sage advice and input. Cheers, open that damn box and let the winged things fly to the party!

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Ah, here it is ;p

Well done Pandora!

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I vote we open it and see what (or who) pops out. I’m sure it will be interesting.
Congrats on the 20k.

Shall we try an experiment? Let’s reserve the impatience and rudeness for the hors d’oeuvres table and keep the rest of the party respectful and considerate.

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Let’s open up that box, and see Pandora’s 20 k inside! Congrats! Woo hoo!

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I’d open her “box” anytime, congrats m’dear ;¬}

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I’ll not open a can of worms nor open Pandora’s box; but I shall uncork the champagne and get the party started. Congratulations and 20 smackeroos to you, Pandora!

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Congratulations on the big 20k a well deserved party of all your favorite drinks and we will borrow hef’s grotto to party in!

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That’s wonderful, Pandora. Congratulations!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations to our modern Pandora who opened the right box for us.

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Pandora let another 20K come out of that BOX of yours! Here’s to more and more!!!!!
Well done dearest Pandora!

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Congrats Pandora. I love your questions and answers. You always make me laugh or think.

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Why yes. Yes I would.

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Congratulations, Pandora! Glad you’re here.

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Congratulations! @Pandora! Reaching 20k is a big milestone.

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Let’s OPEN the box! There could be a plague of bikini clad ladies in there, who knows? And champagne? CONGRATS, @Pandora!

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Congratulations coming to you in the most positive way!

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Congratulations to @Pandora for the 20K, and congratulations to @janbb for a delicious pun!

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Awesome, Congratulations!

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Congrats on the 20 grand!

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Congratulations! Let the party begin or actually continue.

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Congratulations @Pandora! Apparently ‘Pandora’ means all giving and you certainly give to our community. Enjoy your 20K party.

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-“Greek mythology? No thanks. I’ll have the..
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

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Great work! 20K Cheers and 20K Congratulations.

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WOW! I am blown away! Thank you all for your kind words. This must certainly be my week. As most of you know, I have been looking for my own personal mansion and I think I may have found my home.
But I know one thing is for certain. I know I have found my HOME here in Fluther. In different ways and at different times I have found my fluther family to be a God send. That applies to all.
@janbb Thank you for hosting my party. :) Its an honor!
I think I’m actually speechless for once! :P I hope I’m not too late for the party. I’m famished!
I hope someone bought the pina colada. Its my favorite. Feel free to put it in a pitcher.
Lets get this party going till the cops come or we pass out.
Oh, btw, don’t open the box. I keep the last copy of Shane in there along with my last shred of sanity . Shushhhh! My husband doesn’t know. DON’T OPEN THE BOX!

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@Pandora Here’s a pina colada. And I’m still struggling with the experiment.:) Congrats.

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Congratulations, @Pandora! You asked one of my favorite questions on Fluther, and I’m so glad you’re here!

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@augustlan I was thrilled there were so many who joined my experiment. I’m still working with it. I hope you are still going with it.

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@Pandora It’s cool to actually see you (avatar). :)

Congratulations! You’re a wonderful jelly!

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As I recall, at the bottom of the box was hope. Let us hope that your 20,000+ lurve is a promise of good times to come!

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@Nullo I will give it a shot and try not to disappoint. :)
Thank you all. :D

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Well done!

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Congo Rats to a wonderful contributor! Well done!

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Once again I am super late to the party, my apologies. I’ve been flooding the pages over in the teen section all week long, seemingly all for not sigh.

But don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten about you!

First of all, let me assure you that we have taken great pains to make certain that when ever you are in residence in the mansion or anywhere else on the grounds, our haven will be a Romney-Free Zone. @Nullo has kindly volunteered to take Mr. Romney out for dinner and cocktails if he should appear at the door.

I know you and your hubby have been looking for a new home, but when you are in Fluther Town, we have built a brand new vacation home just for you, out on the back forty, on the land that we annexed last year. And that home comes equipped with a maid and any other servants you may need or want (cute pool boys if you get my drift) Don’t worry about the useable space, because you won’t be the one cleaning it or heating it or cooling it. The kind folks at the mansion installed solar panels a few weeks ago, for the entire mansion and outlying buildings and amenities. We’re basically self sustaining, now, because several of the Jellies have organic farms on their parcels, including the magnificent herb garden on the roof of the mansion, which also helps to keep it cool in the summertime.

Anyway, back to your place. Have a look and let me know if it’s Suitable for your needs. Oops, my bad this is The One

And don’t forget your new vacation home comes with a hot tub and his and hers personal masseuses for your stress-relieving pleasure.

Now come on down, grab yourself one of These and Strike up the Band because we’re going to dance all night long.

Of course we’ve prepared a Puerto Rican feast for your dining pleasure. The chefs will be serving a variety of delicacies such as Sorullos and Mofongo in additon to Empanadillos and Arepas and Alcapurrias

Congratulations on your 20K!

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@Kardamom When I’m through with him Ron Paul could vote for him! XD

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@Kardamom WOW! That was awesome. I lovvvvvvveeeeee Barry White. I don’t know how you pulled it off but it was and awesome concert! Thank you for the song. Loved the Alcapurrias. They are my favorite. I accidentally walked into the small cabin but as soon as I saw Romney I ran in the other direction and found paradise. (wish I could give you a million points.) God I love that song!
@Nullo Thanks for taking care of the pest problem. But it looks like he got away. He’s hiding in the cabin. He was trying on a his Halloween costume. I think he’s going as one of Caspers uncle. You know the one with the pointy head. Well I’m sure that is how he got away from you. I am curious. How are you going to do that? Are you skilled in giving a lobotomy?
I am so flattered by all the attention I’ve been given.

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@Pandora I’m much better at induced tissue necrosis, but no, this shall be resolved through the judicious application of Reason; the cudgel is just for show.

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@Nullo, Use it first. I know when I have a particularly thick piece of meat to cook, I find pounding it first makes it easier to cook. Or you could try to repair the damage brain tissue that already exists. Ah, never mind. You will have better chance of reasoning with a chimp.

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Open that box? You bet. What’s a point party if you don’t open Pandora’s box for it? Congratulations on the achievement.

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Awwe!!!!!! @ETpro Thanks, but we did open the box. You are just too late. I had to close it again. @Kardamom Got me all liquored up and I open the box and my real identity flew out on fluther for a few hours. Of course when I sobered up I put it back in the box. :)

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Congratulations@Pandora The Relevant!

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@smilingheart1 Ha!Ha! Thanks. ;)

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Sorry to be so late but heartiest congrats for your accomplishment. You’re great to have around Fluther and I always look forward to reading your take on things.

Congrats on the 20K.

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@Buttonstc That goes ditto for me. Thanks.

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I’m embarrassed to be so late. Congrats, @Pandora, on an amazing achievement! You’re an awesome member of the collective, and I always enjoy your answers! Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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@mangeons Thanks! Every time I hear collective I think of the Borg. LOL, I hope I have not be assimilated. Don’t worry about being late. Its always better than never showing up. I’m taking names. ONLY KIDDING! I’m glad you enjoy my responses. :)

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^^ And every time I hear the word Borg I think of Patrick Stewart nekkid : P

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@Kardamom Sure he’s hot but the man needs some sun. LOL

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Oh my goodness, I’m so late it’s not on the community feed any more even! Congratulations to a lovely jelly on well deserved lurve :-)

Picard – Borg pic for you :-)

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