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How do I write my business plan?

Asked by JustinHubbard_ (23points) September 12th, 2012

This isn’t a general question on how to write a business plan, it’s more-of how do I go about it in the following scenario.

I own a web design company that’s transitioning into a software development company. I already have the first software laid out. A business plan was never written for the web design company, so….

Assuming I’m looking for investors, team members, etc. Do I write my plan for the parent company, or do I write my plan for the software itself? I would be pitching the software product and not the company itself.

I’m confused on how to organize a software company in that I understand software is a product but they can also be their own entities, but if all software is under one company (like Adobe), then how is everything organized and how are business plans written and pitched to investors… for the company or for the product?

I hope this question is clear enough :)

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Your business plan is for the company. The software is the product. Part of your business plan will talk about the product(s) you make; how you make them; how much it costs; how you plan to sell them, etc.

There are a lot of business plan templates out there on the internet. You might want to check out a few of them, and see how they go.

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@wundayatta ya, I’m just debating whether to make my product its own LLC or attach it to my company.

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Your business plan is for your expanded company that will now include (will you still do web design) software development.

So you do your financials with projections on both divisions of the business: web design and software development.

You do your marketing and sales plan for both divisions.

You do your team growth plan for both divisions.

people will be investing in the whole company.

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I happen to work for a company that went this exact same way at the start. Our CEO fashioned it into two different companies, but under one umbrella, so to speak. The software product has its own website apart from the development company under which it was created and the “parent” company is its own brand as well, with its own website.

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