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Am I wrong or is Fluther turning into a teen dating advice column ?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20074points) September 12th, 2012

I love teens and respect their issues but….
Perhaps there should be an Agony aunt/uncle section?!

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LOL! It seems to be a cyclical topic. Schools are starting back up, and love (and dances) are on their minds. Give it another month, and we’ll be back to a plethora of homework questions.

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Should I ask him to Homecoming?

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That’s life. I wish I had this when I was young.

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Seriously, I had this weird dream that I was speaking with my grandmother, and for some reason, in the dream, she lived in the woods. She was telling me she couldn’t sleep at night, because she heard all the sounds of the woods; leaves in the wind, branches cracking, animals running around, and she swore that these noises meant something was out to get her. She seemed so weak and scared and it disturbed me. Just what does this mean, man?

this WAS an actual dream though, and it creeped me the hell out

But aye, maybe it does have to do with Summer being out. I don’t really see the problem with such questions, especially when considering these people have opted for Fluther to have their questions answered. We should be proud that people are looking us up for advice.
There are many sites specialized with this, and the best teacher, in my opinion, is real life and experience; still, I do think it’s pretty cool that people think we can answer their questions, whether we can or not. At least it shows we have some class, dammit. And for those who this annoys, it certainly isn’t as bad as lesser Q&A sites.

I’m just sucking up though, I never read those questions haha

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@Adirondackwannabe Really? Because if Fluther had been around when I was a teen, I wouldn’t have asked. I kept everything to myself back then.

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@chyna Do you think I ever kept everything to my self?

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Yip, I don’t mind, I guess kids need reassurance and advice but I was just wondering. And as @chyna said some of us back then pretty much kept things to ourselves baking in our teen misery!

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I think its necessary today. When I was growing up, I had parents, friends, aunts and uncles and siblings and my friends parents to lean on and grow from. Today’s kids have tv, relatives that are either too far away or too wrapped up in their own little world or way too busy working to notice the kids.
I believe it does take a village to raise a kid and if we can offer some sound advice that they need to hear to help them go in the right direction than I’m on board. I rather they come here to ask advice than some other site that has perverts looking to take advantage of them while they are still vulnerable.

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Wrong. Don’t be so afraid to jump into all the other discussions we have here.

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Teen Age Dating is just one of the many subsets of the category: Relationships. As we grow older, we tend not to remember that, what teens think and worry over, is just as important to them, as other issues are important to college kids, the love and marriage group, raising children, loyalty, politics, history, getting old, etc., etc., are to other age groups. There are FEW topics that are not repeat variations of other subjects. What’s the old quote about there being nothing new under the sun? (not true, of course.) SKIP the questions that don’t interest you.

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It’s definitely cyclical, and always happens when school starts back up. I don’t mind.

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Fluther has always been like this. There are spikes and declines, but this is nothing new.

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Don’t stop it.

Sometimes I can still use that advice…

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I would have had a much happier adolescence if I had had a site such as this. The angst and terror and confusion I shared with no one. How much happier and more confident I might have been with the kind of affirmation found here.

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@Pandora Curious, isn’t it, how we as a culture are coping with a world of self-raising kids.

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What would I do on a Wednesday night if not for those kinds of questions? LOL

I know you’re all thinking that I would post a hundred links to mouthwatering recipes and you’d probably be right

A is for Ableskiver

B is for Baba Ganoush

C is for Cranberry Orange Scones

D is for Dolmades

E is for Empanadas with Mushrooms and Cheese

F is for Falafel (made with sweet potatoes!)

G is for Gnocchi

H is for Halwa (one of my favorite Indian desserts)

I is for Injera (Ethiopian flatbread)

J is for Jalapeno Salsa

K is for Kimchi

L is for Linguine Primavera

M is for Manicotti with Spinach

N is for Navratan Korma (a yummy Indian curry).

O is for Oatmeal Cookies (with cranberries and pumpkin)

P is for Pizza with Potatoes and Wild Mushrooms

Q is for Quiche (with chanterelle mushrooms, caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese)

R is for Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Cilantro and Coconut Milk

S is for Spanakopita (Greek spinach and cheese pie)

T is for Tacos (made with potatoes and chilis)

U is for Udon Noodles with Broccoli and Peanut Butter Sauce

V is for Vanilla French Toast

W is for Watercress Soup

X is for Xacuti Masala

Y is for Yeast Dough Cinnamon Rolls

Z is for Zucchini Cups with Feta and Tomato

OK, there is 26 recipes, one for each letter of the alphabet. Time for bed…

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You’re wrong, most of those questions actually come from the more senior users among us.
Old & looking for love….gawd bless em.

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We do seem to be having a spate. Still, there are some fabulous experienced minds here who can share caring, insightful advice. It’s nice to have young members here.

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It always has been, it always will be. It’s what makes Fluther so jellylicious.

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@Nullo. We can’t forget they are our future. If the kids today are messed up its because the last four generations have been spoiled.

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Funny! My daughter who drops in here now and then JUST said to me last night, ” What’s up with all these FWB’s Q.‘s lately? haha
Oh yes, nothing like sex and relationship questions, the meat and potatoes of fluther lately, loaded with gravy and smothered in the bacon fat of sex & love. lol

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^^ That is so poetic! You ought to patent those quotes.

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@Kardamom ^^ You just like it because it’s about food. :-)

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@janbb I’m still ”“chewing” on that one. Ha!

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Funny, you don’t look Chewish!

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^^ Ha! But that reminds me, I could really go or a bagel and cream cheese right now.

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@Kardamom Only after you are done viping the vindows!

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@Coloma Ooooh, zat sounds kinkay!

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If I can’ get a date to the prom, which is looking more and more unlikely, @Coloma has promised to go with me. Will she keep her word or stiff me if someone more interesting, better looking, richer and a fancier dancer comes along?

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@gailcalled I thought you said you were going with Milo?

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@janbb; I texted him and called him and had my friends talk to him; even though he said he would ask me, he hasn’t. How much groveling should a girl be expected to do?

(And I have noticed him sneaking around ironing his tuxedo shirt and polishing the silver top and tip on his cane.)

Why is he being so mean? Is this normal?

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@gailcalled he doesn’t like you; he is going with someone else. Move on! Marwyn?

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@janbb: Argh! That silly, stuck-up goose who keeps winning “The Prettiest Water Fowl in Costume” contests? How could Milo be so shallow? What’s a 8” canary yellow beak compared to my niceness and unselfishness and willingness to take all the blame?

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True. No accounting for taste.

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@gailcalled I wish you could answer me this, what did Milo mean when he said Meow?

And if the weather is as unpleasant for everyone else, as it is out her in So Cal, we’re in for a hot and stamy night.

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@Kardamom: If I could answer that, I’d be shopping for my prom dress instead of weeping in the corner.

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