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When is Butternut Squash ready to pick?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) September 13th, 2012

I got lucky with a squash plant this year, so far. How can I tell when it’s ready to pick?

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I’m real scientific on how I decide. I feel the outside for firmness, tap it a little, then say, let’s try this one. I really can’t tell until I cut into it.

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Yummy ! I’d tap too, and listen to the sound. A good solid thunk seems riper, when it’s more of a mushy thunk then it’s not quite ripe yet.

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My mother wouldn’t harvest until the stripes were gone or until the vine has it’s first hint of yellow leaves.

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Thanks, all. I’ll be checking it again tomorrow, especially for those yellow leaves.

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Good question, my thinking is let them hang out til frost and if you don’t get that anytime soon start tapping. Definitely they should have good solid color besides where they have been sitting.
I am glad I got 7 from two plans, my.Pumpkins are another story they were overtly fertile this year.

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I totally forgot to check yesterday. When last I looked the squash was a good shape and color for butternut, not overly large, and the vine was starting to wither. We’ve been down to the 40s around here.

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