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Does anyone know where I could purchase a mannequin?

Asked by AshLeigh (15889points) September 13th, 2012

Okay, this sounds a little strange, but I really want one. :)

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This place seems to have every kind of mannequin you could imagine.

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I got one free by just asking the manager at my local department store.

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I guessing any store selling clothing with them in the window or whatever would have some extras they might part with. (Or come on down to a civilized part of the world. :)).

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There are thousands of new & used ones on Ebay.
Otherwise in your area, craigslist or watch for store closings or store closing liquidators.

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@AshLeigh I don’t have any advice to add to these excellent suggestions but I just wanted to ask…did you really love dolls when you were growing up? Because having a mannequin is like having a giant doll! I think it’s a little weird, as you say, but kinda cool. Now I want one myself! All I have is a boring headless dressform. I use if to design on and it takes up a lot of room. My husband would kill me if I got a giant doll too! I can only dream! If I had an Etsy business I could really use one then it would be practical…..hmmmm….

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@Earthgirl I actually hated them. But the idea of having something like this in my room sounds awesome. Hah.

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My roommate had one in college. He got his from a department store that was replacing old mannequins.

Just don’t hang it out your window by its neck before you leave for spring break. Campus Security gets a little upset and new dorm doors are expensive…

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Dorfman’s is the best if you want museum quality. I’ve bought several over the years in the course of my work in museums. And they have all kinds.

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Hi I’m the owner of Mannequin Mall ( You should check us out! We have really great prices. Contact me at for a first-time discount :)


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