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Is it wrong to hate a race?

Asked by phaedryx (6110points) September 14th, 2012

When I was in college, I did something that later bothered me: I signed up for a marathon and began training for it. I actually got up to the point where I was doing 10 mile runs on the weekend. However, I realized that, while I could push myself to do it, I didn’t enjoy it. Running for hours at a time wasn’t any fun for me. I figured if I hated it at 10 miles I’d really hate it at 26 miles, so I never actually ran the marathon. Also, I’m curious if people read the details of questions.

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I did. I await the flames. :D

I find myself hating inanimate objects now and then; I just thought I was being paranoid. No, the cars are not out to get me! People just want them washed.

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I hate all races! (marathons, 5k, NASCAR, “rat race”, etc)

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Ha! Nearly fell for it but read the details in time.

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Not wrong at all.

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I think we all recognize, as you have, that some races are naturally cruel. Still, one may dislike – or even hate – the race but still find something of value there. Sometimes, if we give it a chance, love comes from hate. And need I say…. great calves.

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Yes. It is wrong. Because you wouldn’t want other races hating you’re race. Now would you?

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^^ Your.
I see your point, but not really why you hated it. The first time I had an actual adrenaline rush from running I felt like I had passed a milestone in my life. (Not actually “passed a stone”, that would hurt!)
Then when I got pregnant with my third child I lost my wind.
I hope to get it back, because I would like to be able to run ten miles, though I’m not interested in racing.

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I think it’s okay to hate races in general, but to single one out for particular opprobrium would be odious.

The summer after my junior year in high school I went to Outward Bound, where one of the activities each morning (before breakfast, and as a condition of being able to have breakfast) was to run around the island (Hurricane Island, Maine) and then jump into the ocean. How I enjoyed that! It was my first introduction to any kind of cross-country running.

I realized, heading into my senior year of school, that if I was ever going to “letter” in a sport it would have to be cross-country, since my baseball skills were not going to get me on that team, I wasn’t big enough or talented enough for football, and I didn’t like basketball (and had no other track abilities worth mentioning). So I joined the cross-country team. How I hated the practices! The races, though, since they were a cessation from “practice” and actually a lot easier to run, were a breeze.

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I would even say that I hate running.

Eh, but trail running is kind of cool – except that I fall and scrape myself up on a semi-regular basis. And zombie runs are fun. And I haven’t done it yet, but the color run could be neat. And I’d like to be a tough mudder.

But I still hate running.

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I question the use of the word “hate” here. A race isn’t a person or made up of people, although it takes people to make a race. A race is just an abstract concept, and what the hell does it mean to hate an abstract concept? That’s kind of like hating even numbers.

Yeah. That’s me. I hate even numbers and 10K races. 9 and 11K races are fine, but those 10K races? Hate ‘em with a passion. No. Make that passion fruit. I hate them with passionfruit.


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I’m with @tom_g

If you discover something is not pleasurable for you, don’t do it.
I have challenged myself many times over the years by “proving” to myself I COULD do something, but…what it boils down to, is do I WANT to?
If your heart is not into something you are not being true to yourself and that is never a good thing.

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I will admit I clicked with assumptions, but read the details and giggled. ^_^

I like races, but haven’t run one in well over ten years. I need to train again.

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@Tiesha154587 I have been loathed by the 100 meter dash for most of my life and I have learned to live with it.

I come from a family of distance runners so I felt compelled to give it a try. I hated every single second of it, now I just stick with a brisk walk. @phaedryx hate the running, not the race.

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Touche. Running does suck, though.

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Absolutely. They block the roads, hold up traffic, tie up police and ambulance crews while participants smugly bound down the road in their new logo t-shirts and $250 00 running shoes supposedly raising money for little cancer girl.
Want to really raise money for the kid? How about donating one hour’s pay directly to the cause instead of using all those resources for administration, t shirts, food, overtime pay, and logistics.

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I wish I knew a word or icon for a disapproving head shake.

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@tinyfaery I recommend this: ಠ_ಠ

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And I like this

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You sick racist bastard!!

Jokin bro. :p

And yeah, fuck running. Actually though, that was one of the only gym things I liked. Running or jogging. It’s a good way to be with your thoughts. Although the only time you’ll see me running these days is if a giant with a chainsaw is chasing me.

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I myself am a fellow race-hater. Running in general, really, is one of my most loathed forms of exercise.

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Don’t get me started about the race for President!

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I only like my own race. All other races are stupid.

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The Human one is quite annoying, as things stand. Although, one does hope that we will get our sh*t together soon.

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Watching, yes – running, no

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Arrrrgh – my answer is backwards. It’s OK to hate watching, wrong to hate running.

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The 100m is over too fast. I dislike that intensely. I don’t think I really Hate anything, well, maybe Brussle Sprouts.

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This thread would be more effective if each person had to answer it before seeing anyone else’s answer.

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^ yes it would @Aethelflaed.

I don’t mind any races particularly. The Tour de France gets a bit boring but that’s because I don’t really understand the rules I think. I don’t really feel strongly about any race to hate it.

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My assumptions about the question were quickly dashed! I was prepared to scold you but was left at the starting gate. I haven’t dashed since I was fourteen and lost to a 7th grader after winning the race the year before. Put me in the sore loser column.

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Personally, I love the Tour de France, and every year for the last decade or so, I’ve watched as much of it live as I can. Part of it is that it is so pretty, and part of it is all the race stuff and races within races that make it so interesting.

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If you hate them all equally, you’re fine

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I hate running, so I’d never enter or train for a race. Although I did do one of those charity walks and that was pretty fun.

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I like to run, especially trail running when I can get to one. My body is (er, was) well suited for running, narrow, long, and (formerly) thin.

I ran two marathons back in the day. The better of them I finished in 3:17 even after hitting the classic ‘wall’ around mile 21 (I was on about a 6:40/mile pace up to that point).
They say you can race up to about three times your daily average mileage and that was on the money for the training I was doing at that time.
I was much better at 10k and 5k races where I would typically finish among the top 1%.

But I never did like the marathon. I was unsuited to the miles and miles of training needed to do well, I didn’t hate the marathon but I never wanted to do another.

Now where I live there is nowhere to train that is not hard pavement. I run less and less and haven’t raced for a long time. I get sore more easily and recover more slowly.
Probably there are no marathons in my future.

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