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Could Kansas really remove Obama's name from the ballot?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36375points) September 14th, 2012

Came across this

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There is pretty much nothing you could tell me about Kansas that would shock me. They’re still trying to figure out if science should be taught to their kids. I say let them take Obama off the ballot. Romney’s got the state anyway. Heck, maybe we can urge them to secede.

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@tom_g I live in Kansas. :( Obviously they feel that maybe Romney DOESN’T have the state locked up. Why would they want to remove Obama’s name unless they feel he’s a threat?

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According to this, Romney has a 99.7% chance of winning Kansas. This means basically 100%. They have Massachusetts at 99.6% for Obama – and there is no way Romney is winning here.

Sorry about the Kansas comment. We keep hearing about this stuff up here, and it seems like we’re talking about another planet. Don’t mean any personal disrespect. I’m sure there are plenty of sane people in Kansas – you included.

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This is so sad. It’s like a horrible joke. I think people in Kansas want attention and know noone will give them any without a kerfluffle like this, since Kansas is a solid Romney state. It’s not good for them to be so solid Republican during a Presidential election. They don’t get any attention. This way, they’ll maybe get the President or a surrogate to say something or show up in the state.

But it’s a side battle designed to take energy away from a campaign. I would call it a dirty trick, but it’s politics. There’s nothing clean in politics. Obama can ignore it, except perhaps for a token response.

And if Kansas already weren’t known as a crazy place, this should make the nature of it’s carbuncleness that much more obvious. There’s a reason Dorothy started her journey to Oz from there. Oz was a hell of a lot more sensible place.

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If you are reading something in The Gawker, you will want to double check the facts.

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FYI – There is an update now posted in the original article. They have dropped the challenge to Obama being on the ballot.

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@bkcunningham the story is on several other sites. This is absolutely ludicrous and I am very pleased to see @tom_g‘s update. It is lunacy to think anyone every seriously considered this.

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Look, Kansas has been so overrun by the right wing that any crackpot scheme will get the support of the farmers. I feel sorry for the people in lawrence and KC and Overland Park, who are continually embarrassed by the right.

The one good thing that came of this idiocy is that the state attorney general – Kobach – has been shown up as the complete sell out that he is.

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@bkcunningham. I’m a Democrat, not a republican. You should know I wouldn’t pass iffy, fluffy, misleading, stupid bull shit on. Here is a link from USA Today.
Here from the Huff Post.
NBC News

@tom_q thanks for the update! I tried to email Kobach at the email listed on his website,<>;. It came back as undeliverable due to “internal error.” Are we surprised? Kansas seems to be nothing BUT one, big internal error.

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I hope every single one of these Republican birther-pandering politicians is hounded for their birth certificates for the rest of their careers.

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Really @Qingu. And their tax returns.

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I love America.~

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Especially Kansas, @tinyfaery/ gag

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@Dutchess_III, asking for a politician’s tax returns is actually legitimate. I’d like to know how our politicians could profit from the policies they are proposing, for example, and tax returns help that.

The birth certificate thing is just pure stupidity and racism.

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I know. It’s also standard. It’s also very strange that Romney refuses to release his.

I agree with you on the birth certificate thing. I also don’t get this crap about demanding Obama release his college transcripts. What on earth would that prove???

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This is great. From the update on my original post:

UPDATE: Sanity wins: (bolding mine) Joe Montgomery withdraws his complaint due to “public reaction,” says he has been unsuccessful in “achieving a constructive dialogue.”

He was unable to achieve a constructive dialogue with a REPUBLICAN?? Surely not!

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There’s a guy in my class from Kansas, and he’s almost a complete stereotype lol. He claims Obama has done absolutely nothing since he’s been in office and claims he will vote for Romney because he’s more patriotic….

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” I wouldn’t pass iffy, fluffy, misleading, stupid bull shit on. Here is a link from USA Today. ”

Love it.

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Yes. USA today. Also, Huff Post and NBC @6rant6.
Whatever, it is true. And people are now backing down like crazy, including the idiot in Manhattan that wrote the letter that started the whole thing.

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@6rant6 How about a site you can trust then: a Fox News affiliate

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@jerv No call to be crude.

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@6rant6 So why did you do it? :-)

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@6rant6 Sorry. What do you need explained?

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I can ‘splain it! If a person doesn’t want to believe something, even if it’s true, you can always call the news source’s integrity into question.

I believe The Daily Sheeple is the Bible for many republicans. Wonder if any of them ever even notice the tag “The Daily Sheeple – News, Commentary, Headlies and Truth.”
Interesting. They used to have a sub-title “News You Can Almost Trust” but that’s gone.

Astonishing how MANY right wingers actually use that rag as their expert source! Really unbelievable.

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@Dutchess_III is that site Glenn Beck’s other gig? Now if you’ll excuse me I must run around screaming in panic as I am working all day today at a university library.

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