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Aside from iTunes, what options exist for (legally) downloading music files that can be played on an iPod?

Asked by kevin (24points) November 9th, 2006
And any recommendations based upon music selection / subscription options / time involved?
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if you're into indie stuff, is good and seems to be getting better -- more deals with better/bigger indie labels. they're about to increase their subscription fee so now's a good time to sign up. $10/mo = 45 songs/mo.
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email me at and i can "invite" you so we both get some free downloads...
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there's also audiolunchbox, which is okay.
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and for electronica, kicks ass. also isn't bad.
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You have a few options, you can download from many sites. The main thing is finding a program that will let you copy music to your ipod w/o itunes. I use iPodRip.
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Amazone’s MP3 store is a great experience and often times cheaper than iTunes. Songs are all DRM free and will import directly to iTunes and play perfectly on your iPod.

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ummm those walmart cards

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