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How do you remove the seeds from blackberries?

Asked by kelly (1918points) June 30th, 2007

we have a bumper crop in the upper midwest. want to freeze the blackberries but need to remove the small seeds first.

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You can't remove them and leave the fruit intact, they're too integral. What you can do is freeze them whole and make jam out of them later (or do it now, but nicer to make it when the weather's not so friggin hot). Then follow recipe in Joy of Cooking or whatever. It's arduous - you cook the berries down and then you have to press them through an architecturally beautiful device called a chinoise. It takes forever but you get a gorgeous puree. Then you cook that with sugar, pectin, and perhaps a bit of cinnamon and it will be divine.
DO NOT get your chinoise from Williams-Sonoma, by the way; get it in a junk store for about $100 less. It should come with a wooden club for squeezing the pulp through the tiny holes.

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use a blender

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the main purposeof my blackberry picking is for smoothies. Thus, I use a blender to create a purée, and then I pour the purée through a colander. I generally have to work the purée through the colander with a spatula because it gets slightly gummed up. Then I throw the juice/puree into ice cube trays, which i later store in bags for smoothies.

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