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Did you ever make out with a boy/girlfriend in your parents house (see details)

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) September 14th, 2012

If so, did you do it a public space or only in a bedroom? Did your parents know? Did they ever see you? Did you go any farther than making out in a public space in your parent’s house? Get caught? Tell stories!

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I used to sneak my boyfriend home late on summer nights and bed him down in a sleeping bag in my backyard under a giant cedar tree that had branches that hung to the ground. We would fool around all night and then I would sneak into bed, wake up early, bring him breakfast and get him out of there. I was never found out! lol

I was a wild child back in the day and another time I seduced my boyfriend in his parents house and he was mortified that I swiped a container of Cool Whip for a little dipping action. lol
He freaked out and exclaimed ” My family eats out of that!” hahahaha
I guess he thought I intended to dip his penis in the cool whip and put it back in the fridge! haha
Gimme more credit than THAT would’ya? ;-P

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Yes in the bathroom and bedroom. Condoms provided by my father. (At the time I used to wonder why he had them lying about…)

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My parents have never really minded or cared, since i started dating (around 16) ive always been allowed to have boyfriends spend the night and I never really abused that privilege by having sex with them. I wouldn’t make out with someone in front of my parents, but I’ve definitely kissed them. Right now my bed is in the living room so… public yet bedroom.

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One of my ex’s and I used to play strip rummy in my bedroom pretty much every night. My dad and younger sisters were usually in the house. There is no doubt in my mind that the old man knew exactly what was going on but he never said a word about it. I was never so bold as to make out in the public areas, we did kiss and do some heavy petting in the living room though.

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I was left on my own at home on weekends when I was a teen. And guess who’s house was party central Friday and Saturday nights? That house saw a lot of action. And the swimming pool. And the backyard. I didn’t go to any efforts to hide it and as long as nothing got broke my mother was okay with it.

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Never. Doing it in my parents home with my bedroom next to theirs? I don’t think so!
That kind of activity took place where it belongs: outside on warm summer nights while wrapped in a blanket to keep the mosquitoes away.

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Of course. I usually used my bedroom or sometimes the living room. It was my house too.

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One of the few nice compensations of my adolescence was the fact that my parent’s room was as far as possible from my room on the ground floor of our house. I snuck out a couple times, but mostly, my girlfriend visited after I had “gone to bed.” Never got caught at my place, but we got caught at her place because we were tipsy enough to be indiscreet. I begged her mom not to tell my parents, because my dad would have set me on fire or something. (I’m exaggerating, but only a little.)

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@bookish1 “because my dad would have set me on fire or something.”

OMG! Thanks for the laugh of the day!

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We used to at my old girlfriend’s house. I couldn’t do it at my house – I would have been slaughtered.

Her dad was actually pretty cool about things. Girlfriend and I would be in bed together unclothed, but under blankets, with the door closed. Dad would knock, ask if we ere decent, then pop his head in and say whatever – sometimes it was “hi” to me, sometimes it was to remind her to lock the door, and so on.

Anyway, no hassle, no pressure.

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@Coloma: Heh, glad it made you laugh. I was feeling flippant. But seriously, he likely would have beat me, never spoken to me again, grounded me til kingdom come, or all of the above…I was terrified of him finding out.

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I lived with my parents in an apartment in my grandparents’ house, so I was never really able to bring anybody home, because there was always some adult present. When I was about 16 I went out with this guy who was 21 and he came over once with another couple, when my parents were on vacation (the first and last time they left me home alone). The other couple slept in my parents’ bed and I slept with my boyfriend in my bed. When my parents came home they realized from the bed covers that someone was in their bed, and they swore it was me and my boyfriend, which I swore it was not, and I wasn’t lying.

Another time I was with that same boyfriend in my room – I guess my parents were out for the weekend, and we were fooling around and my grandfather started walking up the steps. I hid my boyfriend on the side of the dresser, so when my grandfather poked his head in he couldn’t see my boyfriend. I am guessing that it was pretty late at night, and I think I acted like I just woke up to get a drink or something, so my grandfather didn’t stick around. He went back down stairs and we got back down to business.

Other than that, I would have gotten killed for fooling around at home, and that would take the fun out of it, so no, I pretty much behaved myself in the house.

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Sure, plenty. Oftentimes there wasn’t any adult home, so we could make out wherever we wanted to. If my mom was home, it was confined to my room. One of my fondest memories is the night my boyfriend and I (15 years old at the time) made out all night long, as my mother slept in her room, unaware. We were on my living room floor under the lights of the Christmas tree, and it was leisurely, lovely, magical and beautiful. The only thing that stopped us was my mom’s alarm clock going off. We had no idea it was morning until that happened! Needless to say, he hopped up and ran out the door. She never had a clue.

A few years later, she caught me having sex, because she came home from work early. That was awkward. ~

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@augustlan : I think that is the third time I have read your story about you and your boyfriend under the Christmas tree, and it still makes me smile.

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No I never had a girl friend when I was young and at home. I was much older before I made out with any woman. LOL Oh well at least I did finally get to do it.But it was at her home.

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@bookish1 I’m repetitive, I know. It still makes me smile, too. :)

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@augustlan Keep telling it often. It makes me smile too.:)

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His room.

When my boyfriend was at my place, though, it was a different story. We were in the basement, spooning on the couch (dry humping), and my Dad walked into the room, once. He passed my boyfriend and I, and gave my boyfriend the “hairy eyeball”. So, after that, it was either in his room, or the car or the park.

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Well…I was a teen in the early to mid-70’s and had a VERY conservative and “proper” family.
I was almost disowned for ” shacking up” with a boyfriend at 19. But…it was us 60’s and 70’s kids that set the stage for the sexual revolution. All I ever was told was that if you ” do it” before you’re married you will go to hell! lol

Somehow I think I could have seduced even Jesus back in my prime.
” Uh, mom, I am sleeping with Jesus!” hahahaha

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Oh boy. XD

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—-Oh no! Our sweet, adorable little @AshLeigh is being corrupted by these wanton tales!—

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I don’t want to corrupt you image of me being your “sweet, adorable little @AshLeigh.” :)

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@AshLeigh Your still “Sweet adorable @AshLeigh . You just know how to get down.

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I’m just picturing Jesus coming over to @Coloma‘s house, meeting her folks and awkwardly trying to pin a corsage on her bosom : )

And then Coloma pinching his bum as soon as they got outside the door : P

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I am confused. Just how much does making out involve? O_o

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@Kardamom Knee slapping, uproarious laughter…speaking of poetic, you win todays most poetic and creative reply award! I am surely going to hell now after even mentioning the seduction of Jesus. Just call me Mary M. lol

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I have never made out, I have never had a boyfriend :(
Unless daycare counts. The Vietnamese boy from down the street taught me “TV Kissing” and we actually kissed on the lips.

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@Coloma At least you and I will be in Heck together, although I suspect that Limbo might be more fun : )

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I once snuck a boyfriend into my downstairs bedroom, I was the only one in the family who slept downstairs, he climbed in through the window while I was having a shower, I was attempting to create noise to cover any sound he might make. I went upstairs and made sure my parents were still unaware of anything happening on the floor below, it was all going to plan. My boyfriend left the same way he had arrived, the following morning, we had planned he would leave before it was light but it was starting to get light, my family was still in bed upstairs with the curtains pulled. My parents do not know to this day, I must tell them some time.

On another occasion I was in another boyfriend’s father’s bed, with my boyfriend I might add, not his father. The father came home early and discovered us in his bed, he simply left the room and closed the door behind him, not a word was said about the incident, it was totally surreal.

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Yes. My first boyfriend and I decided to ‘do it’ while my mom was at work. We ran home right after work so that we would have time to do it without her possibly coming home.

We did it in my room (I wouldn’t dare go in her room, since she has a strong sense of knowing when one thing is out of place) and when he left, he jumped the fence to leave the ‘back way’ and took the condom with him to hide the evidence. He attempted to throw the condom away, but it stuck to the fence and was hanging there and I was mortified that the neighbors would see. It was my first time and when my mom came home I felt like I had betrayed her trust.

Oh well.

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@Nullo To me, ‘making out’ consists of a serious kissing/petting session. Not actual intercourse, though it often precedes it!

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@augustlan Ah.

Assuming @augustlan‘s definition, yes, though just the first part. Both at her parent’s place and mine, typically in public but unoccupied parts of our respective houses. We both tended to stay up later than everybody else that we knew, and it wasn’t unusual for her or myself to stay over until the small hours of the morning.
Never seen, never caught, but it is likely that we were suspected – we were, after all, a young man and a young woman, spending significant amounts of time by ourselves. Nobody ever said anything about it, probably knowing that we wouldn’t do anything more consequential.

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