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Does it seem wrong for a retailer to have a "Patriots Day Sale" on September 11th?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36078points) September 14th, 2012

Our local video store had a “rent one new release get one free,” Patriots Day Sale. Sept 11 only.

I didn’t take advantage of it. Do you think this is insensitive too?

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Yes, totally.

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Holy crap, thats insensitive.

Are ‘we’ really calling September 11th “Patriots’ Day” now, or did the store make that up?

Also, there are still video stores?

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Ugh, WTF. So, that’s a yes from me, obviously. ~

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@bookish1 : “Patriot Day” has existed since 2001, it was a resolution passed by the House.

Doesn’t seem any different to me than any other holiday sales, to be honest.

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Sorry, but Patriots Day is observed on the third Monday in April. It is actually April 18, the date of the battle of Lexington and Concord.

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That’s very poor taste. And @WestRiverrat is correct. It’s a MA holiday. It’s why the Northeast gets an extra day to file their income tax returns. The filing center was MA.

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Poor Taste – some activists should boycott.

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Totally insensitive. In keeping with the theme, they should make the deal applicable only to post-9/11 terrorist films (which are opportunistic money-makers themselves).

And episodes of 24, of course.

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I lived in Rhode Island and Patriot’s Day is a civic holiday observed in Massachusetts and Maine. BUT, the current POTUS is the one who made this new Patriot’s Day possible.

What do you think about it now?

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I think it’s weird to try to rent out more videos in honour of the occasion… why would the fact that Obama declared it Patriot’s Day change that?

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I don’t care who made it Patriot’s Day (though I’d rather it were named something different), I just think holding a sale in ‘honor’ of it is tacky.

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I always thought the same thing for Memorial Day – a day we memorialize the people who given their lives for this country doesn’t seem like the right time to have a sale on costume jewelry and bedding.

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@bkcunningham Nope, that was George Bush back in 2002. But regardless of who made the declaration, it’s not a day for cents-off sales. And I agree with @YARNLADY that Memorial Day should be honored as well.

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‘Rent one new release get one free’ sounds pretty good ‘Patriot Day Sale’ sounds pretty crap.

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How’d I know you’d blame Bush, @ETpro? ~

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@bkcunningham @ETpro is not blindly pointing fingers. Bush DID create it in 2002.. All Obama did this year was to tack the words “and National Day of Service and Remembrance” onto the end of it.

Further, there isn’t anything to blame. I think it’s a fine idea, although, as Auggie said, I wish they’d come up with a completely new name. Whatever, I just think it’s disgusting to capitalize on it to make mo’ money.

Very, very strange how something so innocuous and harmless could turn into something “bad” just because Obama breathed on it—and suddenly someone needs to be “blamed” for….absolutely nothing.

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LOL @Dutchess_III. You are the one who posted this in the first place. You are kidding. Right? I know you love Obama, but you’ve gone off the deep end on this one. Did you happen to see my little ~?

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Well, given your political stance, it is very easy to assume you’re being serious.

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@bkcunningham Ha! Because Bush was so incompetent that he is responsible for everything that ever happened from the Big Bang forward. ~

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Bush was a moron ~

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