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Americans roll joints with 2 tapered ends, Europeans roll them like a funnel--how do they do it without the smoke falling out?

Asked by anartist (14781points) September 15th, 2012

The Americn joint pictured here:

A Dutch joint:

seems like a better delivery system, but why doesn’t the smoke fall out? Are odd-shaped rolling papers used?

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The answer is cultural and technological superiority.

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Whatever it takes..

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(Hi there @anartist – was just wondering about you…)

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Friends in college who rolled like that had a lot of experience rolling regular tobacco cigarettes too. The key point seemed to be packing density. Needs to be loose enough for air flow, and tight enough to keep the unburned material from escape.

Ideally this (proper packing) is true for the straight joint, too, but the double twist style is far more tolerant of sloppy cutting and packing. The funnel joint does not travel hardly as well in a shirt pocket either.

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Without the smoke falling out? I don’t smoke pot, so I have no idea what this means?

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“Smoke falling out” I believe the cut marijuana, ready for rolling, is referred to as “smoke” in this context. “Got any smoke?”

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@dabbler Thanks so much for the clarification!

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That European style is related to a spliff. The tip is kept upright so it doesn’t spill.

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Il faut s’y entraĆ®ner, c’est tout.

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After you’ve burnt the end off the US version whats the difference?

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@Lightlyseared The spliff-style is narrower at the mouth end and broader at the lit end.

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@dabbler errrrr…. yes….. but bear with me here… half way through the one thats narrow at both ends is the fat middle bit so eventually the burning joint is narrower at the mouth end and broader at the lit end…do you see what I’m getting at?... I thought it was pretty obvious… but there we go…

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@dabbler which seems the spliff or funnel-type would pack more punch, especially at the beginning and gradually decrease as one gets stoned. Seems better engineering.

The American one is more or less even all the way through except for both tips. Mediocre fire-up and mediocre roach.

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@anartist The roach has all the resins.Haven’t you ever made a roach joint?

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Indeed. It’s said that the funnel joint is the superior pass-around joint for a group.
It produces more at the start as anyone who wants some gets a taste.
As you get toward the roach some folks have had enough. Others have a good foundation established and they’ll pass-around the roach.
The straight joint with twists can be better for one, or for two to share slowly.

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Haha, this question is so funny! I live in Holland, and rolling joints like that is a natural thing here, so this didn’t even cross my mind, but I’m happy to explain:

First of all, we have rolling papers available here. Like this one. That makes a big difference. We also use “tips”, which are basically self-rolled-filters, and the packs look like this. You tear one out and roll it into a small filter. We put this at the beginning of our paper. Then we use a little bit of tobacco, a little near the filter, and gradually getting more while going to the end. Then you sprinkle some ganja on there, and roll it shut. Because you have to roll around the tip (filter), the joint will get small there, and because you gradually put more towards the end, it gets wider at the end.

Then you take the joint and tap it on a hard surface, which will make more compact. If it’s too loose, too much will burn away fast when you smoke it. Then we take a cigarette filter or a key, and stamp it together some more, gently. Burn the excess paper off at the end, and voila, you have yourself a Dutch joint.

It is recommended you first practice with tobacco only, that way you don’t waste any weed.

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@whyigottajoin Thanks! That explained a lot [although we have rolling papers here, of course, and the first link you provided, the logo shows the joint rolled “American style.”

But the “tips” are completely new to me.

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