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How Can I not be nervous and mess up in softball?

Asked by FiguringLifeOut (18points) September 15th, 2012

So I think I’m pretty good at softball. If me and my team were practicing, I’d be confident, be having fun, and do well. However, during games, my nerves get to me like crazy. I always feel like I mess up at least twice in a game. It’s like I can’t think straight. I forget where the play should be, sometimes I miss the ball on a grounder for example. That’s a terrible feeling! Right now for high school, we’re doing this “fun” league where we only play on Mondays and we have no practices. Since I’m not ding league this season and have never had time for select, I feel disadvantaged. Almost all the other girls are on select or have some kind of lessons to help them. I have my dad, but that’s not the same and right now he’ll be out for 2 weeks with a broken foot. Any really good advice to help me? This all consumes my thoughts everyday and I’m sick of feeling like this.

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What you are feeling is the norm and not the exception.

Is there any coach at school who can teach you some of the tricks to moderate your stage-fright, butterflies, or feelings of panic?

I know that professional athletes have these resources available to them…it is clear that any performer, at any level, is prone to these feelings.

I can still remember what my piano recitals did to me when I was a teen-ager. i was able to perform brilliantly alone in my living room; onstage in front of an audience, my hands turned to concrete, my brains to mush my guts to water and my legs to jelly.

I don’t know what “league,” or “select” means.

”(If my team and I were practicing…”)

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I’m an actor. I’ve been doing it for 43 years. Auditions and performances still make me nervous to this day. I had an audition a few weeks ago. I rehearsed my monologue well and was prepared, but when I got on stage, everything flew out the window. I completely flubbed the audition.

This may sound strange but practice your breathing. It’s a way of practicing your concentration, and I think that may be key to your situation.

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Can you find a wall to throw against for practice by yourself? I totally understand your nervousness. I wonder if the old trick I’ve heard about where you picture everyone naked would help? Have you ever tried that one, @Hawaii_Jake? Breathing techniques are essentials to helping calm your nerves. I wish you could ask one of the other girls if she could help you practice.

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This is simple, you’re taking the actual game itself too seriously.
Just play as if it’s practice, shut out all the nonsense & you’ll be fine.

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Winning is great, I love it but unless I’m getting paid a lot of money to play and win, I don’t worry that much about losing. Although I hate it!

If you adopt that attitude you should be able to conquer your nerves. The world is still gonna turn no matter what happens in your softball game.

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Don’t entirely disagree with @ucme, the only thing I will say is that depending on the person who reads that, it could very much be a case of “easier said than done.”
That said, ucme does raise a valid point.
Don’t expect too much of yourself in a team sport. Teams should play as teams, it’s not all about individual effort even though every player has a position to play the whole thing is still part of a bigger picture. If you screw up a few times, that’s what happens to everyone, I’m not saying you should expect it to happen, but if it does happen, let it slide. Even winners are prone to lose every now and then.

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