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What are your favorite tv dinner brands?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) September 15th, 2012


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Are you referring to the one’s in foil? Or the other ones?

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What IS tv-dinner?!

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@fremen_warrior This tells it better than I can.

My favorite frozen dinners are the ones I make from my leftovers. I don’t buy the prepackaged dinners.

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When we buy frozen, microwaveable meals, we always choose the ones with lowest salt content. The best ones tend to be Healthy Choice.

See also this previous question

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I like Lean Cuisine Tortilla crusted fish and rice pilaf. L.C. Cheese stuffed Canneloni (sp?)
Their veggie lasagna, spinach raviole and french bread pizzas. I don’t eat a lot of frozen dinners but being single sometimes I just want a quick bite with a little salad and they are great for easy in the microwave.

I also like a lot of the “Amys” brands of natural dinners, call that an oxymoron if you wish. lol

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Wow someone doesn’t know what a tv dinner is AMAZING!!!! @fremen_warrior.
Anyway if I had to choose I think the Marie Calender and Stouffe brands are tasty enough.

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Marie Calendar’s Turkey Pot Pie.

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Stouffer’s by far and away is the best.

Lasagna (the meat one, not the sausage italiano)
Swedish meatballs
Chicken a la king
Turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing

Bertolli are good too, but you have to cook them up in a pan, or get something else dirty to usually make it (it comes in a bag, not a microwaveable dish). It also can be a little pricey compared to stouffer’s.

I like the pasta with sausage
And the pasta with chicken, zuchini and mozerella.
I don’t like the garlicky dishes at all, but I don’t like garlic much.

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Stouffer’s is my fave.

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frozen breaded chicken

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Banquet! Banquet! Banquet!

I feel my arteries harden jus looking at em but OMG they are sooooooo yummy!

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@Ela Just read the labels. Some aren’t too bad on the arteries. They are good though.

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@Kardamom I’ll make it a note to make this purchase for sure (Trader Joe’s Shells with Brie and Asparagus)

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@_Whitetigress You won’t be disapointed : )

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Banquet chicken potpies are the bestest hands down!

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