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What to write my vignette about?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) September 16th, 2012

I have to write at least six ½ to full page vingettes. I am stuck after two. They can basically be about anything about me but for some reason I am blank. :/

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The whole point of this assignment is for you to do it. It’s a topic you’re an expert on (yourself), it’s one that’s hard to find in an essays-for-sale site online, and it gives your teacher a baseline for your writing skills.

If you have any relatives, enjoy any activities, celebrate any holidays, have any childhood memories, admire any heroes, ever read a book or saw a movie, collect anything, cook anything, have your own room or don’t have your own room, or play any games or sports, you have subject matter. And that’s just for starters.

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Try tapping into your child hood memories.

Write about

1. What you smell
2. What you hear
3. What you see
4. What it feels like
5. What it tastes like
6. How it made you feel overall
7. What you learned from the experience of this one particular memory

Hope this sparks some imagination for you. <3

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You can write about a place that you visited.

You can write about a place that you often visited as a child, and now miss.

You can write about your feelings for a beloved pet.

You can write about how you met your significant other.

You can write about your experiences cooking, especially if you have a anecdote about a cooking experiment that went awry.

You can write about your various aches and pains, in a humorous way that is unique and funny, yet familiar to everyone.

You can write about your monthly shopping trip to the grocery store. Include your strageties, your feelings about shopping, your desires for certain foods, your inclination to use coupons.

You can write about your last Homeowners Association meeting and how ridiculous most of the people are and about the stupid “laws” that are made up, usually only for the benefits of one person, usually the president or the chairperson.

You could write about your dream vacation. Where would you go, how would you go about planning the trip, who would go with you and what would be the most important things to see or do on that trip.

Describe what it is like to try on clothes in a women’s dressing room with fluorescent lighting.

Describe your earliest memory, as a toddler, or even as a baby in a crib if you can remember that far back.

You can write, hopefully humorously, about your gripes regarding the modern world.

Write about things, products and situations from your youth that you miss.

Describe being in the snow or the rain.

Write about what you would do, if you were a particular animal of your choice.

Describe the alternate career that you would like to persue, if you had the time and training and money to do what you want.

Describe (without naming him/her) your best friend.

Describe what it’s like to be extremely hot or extremely cold.

Describe the world from your perspective as an ant, or a blue whale.

Describe the scents, sights, sounds and flavors from your favorite holiday.

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Wow. I wish I’d had as many suggestions when I was in school. @tianalovesyou , aren’t you lucky?

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