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You have died, and gone to Heaven. Name three people you would like to sit down and have coffee (or beer) and chat with. Not including friends or family members?

Asked by pattyb (786points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

For me:
Jackie Gleason
Dr. Martin Luther King
John Lennon
Feel free to state your reasons, I am just pressed for time right now.

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God the Father YAHWEH
God the Holy Spirit RUAH HA KODESH

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I really wouldn’t care to hang out with “celebrities” or people whom I do not already know.

If I died and went to heaven and couldn’t be with my friends and family members, that would not be heaven. Now we’re in a paradox machine.

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Jesus, why you?
Kurt Cobain, why suicide?
George Bush…..why?

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Three very talented and creative geniuses, each very multifaceted:
Leonardo Da Vinci
Ben Franklin
John Lennon

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Oh forgot
Bob Marley too :) I’d love to play reggae music with him for the Lord

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albert einstein, steve jobs, and adolf hitler

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Monroe
Woodie Guthrie

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Well, first I’d want a few words with the drunk who swerved into my lane;
Then I’d head over to whoever’s in charge of admissions to thank them for the rules waiver;
Then I’d want to talk to somebody about setting up a harp shop.

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me myself and I

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LOL I wonder if there are lines to the harp shops in heaven?

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Location, location, location….

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Um, waterskier2007, I think you should go back and reread the question. It specifically said Heaven and not Hell. I’d venture another fluther bet to say that if heaven and hell exist, Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler are not roommates.

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haha whatever, its who i wanna talk to. substitute adolf hitler for thomas jefferson if it makes you happier

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Kurt Cobain
Bob Marley

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I don’t think Thomas Jefferson is going to be pleased with your ‘substitution’...

Now as for me, I would like to sit down with Abraham, Jesus and Mohamed and have them hammer out some sort of love/peace agreement. Maybe Bob Marley could make it a real party and grease the wheels, so to speak.

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Charles Darwin
George Washington Carver
Abraham Lincoln

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Margaret Sanger
Alice Paul
Abdul Baha

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Thomas Jefferson
Werner Heisenberg
Harold Bloom*

*I’m aware he’s not dead yet, but I’ll have infinite time to wait for him to show.

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George Best, Dermot Morgan and Lady Di

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Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman and Queen Nefertiti.

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harpo Marx (just to hear his voice)
john Lennon
my dad

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ohhhh wait my dad was a family member…. Ummmm… Probobly my elementary school music teacher… I kinda miss her ;)

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@waterskier2007 you really do have a man crush for Steve Jobs don’t you? LOL

1. Pope John Paul II
2. JFK
3. Elvis- I’d just request to speak with him just to see if he really died ;)

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God ,David Belle ,and an ice cream cone

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[edit] Oops, wrong thread :)

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Oscar Wilde
Steve Irwin
Mitch Hedberg

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Apostle Paul
Albert Einstein
My Grandfather on my Dad’s side

It would be cool to sit with these guys in a relaxed atmosphere and just pick their brains on life topics. Then I probably wouldn’t have as many questions to ask here! Perhaps I would have more, insightful questions to ask here.

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