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What are some sidekicks in video games that you think are useless, who serve no purpose in the game other than to annoy you?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) September 18th, 2012

For example: There is this game called Princess Tomato in The Salad Kingdom for NES. The main character gains a sidekick very early in the game and he sticks by your side for the entire game. I find he’s basically useless, the most he does is drop all our stuff at the end of the level. Very few times he’ll have helpful advice and insight on what to do next.

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Otis from Dead Rising, Stop calling me all the fucking time!!!
Daxter from Jak &, constantly perched on your shoulder bitchin & whinin.

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- Vaan in FFXII. Except he is supposed to be the main character, and yet he has no actual reason or motivation to participate in the quest.
– The security guards in Half Life.
– Ashley in Mass Effect. An annoying, racist bitch. Left her to die in the nuclear blast on Virmire. Good riddance I say.
– Miranda in Mass Effect 2. Arrogant and annoying bitch. So useless, you can not put her in any important position during the suicide mission, because she will fuck it up.

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The dog from Duck Hunt. I wished there would’ve been an option to shoot him instead of the ducks.

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I LOVE PRINCESS TOMATO! But yeah, escort missions suck. Pretty much anything in which I have to keep someone else alive pisses me off.

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Presidents daughter in RE4 . Get in the dumpster bitch.

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I play World of Tanks, a 15-vs-15 MMO combat game that allegedly requires teamwork. I consider the other 14 people on my team “sidekicks”, and every round, there are at least three that annoy me.

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@jerv how is that game? I’ve heard mixed things but was thinkin of givin it a shot

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Everyone in every escort mission ever.

Rosh Penin in Jedi Academy? Not sure if he counts, he’s vital to the… Oh gosh, I can’t call that a plot with a straight face. He’s vital to the “plot”. But he sure is obnoxious as all heck and only causes trouble.

That one crew member in VVVVVV that follows you and only moves when you move and is literally incapable of moving on her own to save her life. She’s such a liability that keeping her alive is the whole challenge of that part of the game.

I dunno, the security guards in Half-Life could be somewhat useful sometimes. Particularly in the beginning, before you get to the point where everything alive is better equipped than they are.

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@uberbatman I’ll tell you about it when I get home. Suffice it to say for now, while frustrating at times, it’s still fun enough that I keep playing.

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The familiars in Castlevania Symphony of the Night. You get a skull shaped ghost that sometimes attacks enemies, but he’s so slow, and only attacks really weak enemies. The bat is also pretty useless too. You get a demon who attacks a bit more than the other two, but really there’s no need for him. The only time he’s useful is for pressing switches you can’t get to, and can’t proceed further unless the switch is activated.
The most useful one is a fairy, but only because she might find a wall you can smash, if you linger long enough in an area where a smashable wall might be…I find them all on my own without her help though, even back when I didn’t know where any of them were. I think she found like, two secrets out of nearly 30. :/ Plus it’s really annoying that she uses up all your curative items when she thinks you need them. :/ It’s like, I’ll tell you when I need a potion, you winged ass.

And yeah, screw escort mission. I played this horror game, Siren. You had to escort a girl to safety, but she gets hits once and that’s it. Could never pass the mission. And of course she can’t defend herself…you can actually shoot her though. I shot her, and turned that crap off haha.

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I hate escort missions, too. I remember this game, Hunter the Reckoning where I had to escort this little girl to a church to where her parents were. Then I had to fight this big ass teddy bear. Trying to protect her along the way was a pain. The stupidest thing was the bear killed her parents. I don’t remember what happened to the girl.

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