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For people who love horror, what is the scariest theme song from a horror movie?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) September 18th, 2012

Out of this list, which theme do you think is scariest or do you like best?

1: Exorcist with Linda Blair
2: Nightmare on Elm Street
3. Friday the 13th
4. Saw (Hello Zepp)
5. Halloween 1978

I’m leaning towards 1 and 5.

Or if there’s another horror movie theme you like, feel free to post.

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1) The Omen
2) Halloween
3) The Shining

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Halloween would probably fall under most hair raising and probably my favorite.

I’ll give honorable mention to The Shining, Dead Silence, Suspiria, Psycho, Hellraiser, House of 1000 Corpses, Amityville Horror, and of course Jaws. I’m not sure I’d count them all as terrifying but I think they’re pretty good and I’m no doubt missing many as just seem to keep adding to this.

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The Omen

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The Fog has a good mood; Phenomena is a nifty blend of metal/opera hardly fear inducing; Poltergeist I always felt the theme went very well with the movie; Children of the Corn has an appropriately haunting feel; Pin which is just sorta neat and becomes a little creepier once you watch the film; Dark City opening them always struck me as creepy; something about The House of the Devil theme I always felt set the right tone going into the movie; I find Ju-on very austere and creepy. Ok I’ll stop now.

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From this list, I’d vote for #s 1 and 3.

But the theme song for the TV show Unsolved Mysteries gives me the heebie jeebies every time I hear it!

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The Shining has a scary soundtrack, definitely. It’s the music that makes the film scary in my opinion. It builds up so much suspense.

Lullaby from Rosemary’s Baby is also vey eerie and creepy.

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What, no Psycho shower scene music?

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Tubular Bells (The Exorcist)

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The Halloween theme song, although I may be slightly biased, since Halloween II traumatized me as a kid. The song, therefore, is forever forged with those memories. Although it must be pointed out that all Halloween movies have a different version of the theme song, and none of the others freak me out much like the Halloween II version.
This one seems to have the more madness in it, and truly seems to match with the sense of panic and dread I felt throughout the whole film, but again might be just me.

Personally though, I find most horror soundtracks to be anything but scary. It’s often overdone, and never seems to fit the theme it should be going with. Crazy violins and little girls singing has been done so much that it feels like saying the same word over and over until it seems to lose all meaning.

That said I’d have to go with the theme song from Dawn of the Dead. It conveys a lot of the movie’s atmosphere, and that’s always important to me when watching a horror movie and trying to get into the feel of realism it may be aiming at. I also tend to like music that isn’t really music, but just a bunch of loud noises. Like during chases and stuff, although I can’t think of any direct example…

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I’d have to vote for The Exorcist and Halloween.

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I love classic horror movies. I agree with “Halloween” and the “Exorcist” themes being the creepiest. “Jaws” is amazing too, I love John Williams. I have to say though, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”‘s drumstick-cymbal crashes and other obscure sound effects were definitely eerie, be it a “song” or not.

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Halloween and the Exorcist FTW.

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The theme from Poltergeist is another good one.

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