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What veterinary-related 2 or 3 minute video clips would you find helpful?

Asked by syz (35525points) September 18th, 2012

I’ve created a Youtube channel for work (as part of our social media marketing) with the goal of producing short ( 2–3 minute) instructional videos on things like how to give a pill to a cat, how to give insulin injections to diabetic pets, and how to give subcutaneous injections. (There will also be cute pet clips, introductions to our doctors, other items like that.)

As a pet owner, what sorts of things would you find helpful? What would you like to see?

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What you mentioned is all good.

-How to trim a cat’s claws. I’ve become the local trimmer for more than a couple people because they don’t know how to or are scared to.

-Steps involve in a standard vet visit, the goal being that people bringing their pets for the first time understand the types of questions they should ask, things they should bring up, tests/procedures they should expect their pet to undergo, etc.

-How to check your pet for fleas and ticks and how to treat them if found.

-Basic first aid for cuts, scratches, bites of varying degree, including what’s safe and isn’t safe to use in treatment; and what to keep an eye on if you’re reluctant to go to the vet for proper treatment.

-For that matter what should always be a visit vs. what should usually be a visit vs. what should be a visit if it gets worse for common ailments.

-Immunization explanations, including schedule, conditions, risks, and why each is important.

-Aging (that would probably make it’s own series).

-Overview of food, what the labels mean, what to look for and what is just marketing. Does my cat really want or need peas and carrots O.o!? You get the idea.

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1) How to tell a good vet from a bad vet (this is VERY important to me)
2) Basic pet care for cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, reptiles, etc…so people thinking of adopting one of these will know what is involved/ best practices.
3) Handling old age for pets.

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Basic first aide for wounds

Snake bite recognition and treatment My latest experience with a rattlesnake bite my cat took recently.

Maybe some specialty videos for avian and equine owners.
How to recognize colic in your horse, how to wrap legs, parasites and other avian conditions of exotic birds.

A video on toxic household products like antifreeze, oil, etc.

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How to really cut a cat’s nails without drugging, hypnotizing. anesthetizing, or mummifying him.

How to stop random and unexpected aggressive behavior in a cat. Occasionally, Milo will attack my arm or hand while I am sitting quietly or simply sleeping. Getting aggressive back does not work. It simply eggs him on. I always have a few scratches and puncture wounds that are healing.

How to administer pills or liquid meds.

I wish my vet had this service, @syz. It’s a wonderful idea.

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@gailcalled Oh, great idea, nail trimming. :-)

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^^^Short of a platoon of marines, there is no solution other than the vet’s or the local humane society (both a long haul). I have tried with two strong, male long-time cat owners as a tag team. Even they got scared as Milo morphed into t sabertootyh.

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I work at the American Red Cross and we offer a Pet First Aid program. I’d love to be able to access a video online that showed some of the first aid techniques, like CPR and the doggy Heimlich, that we teach in that course.

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Looks better than our hospital! Too bad you’re so far from Pa. I would like to see a video about trimming a dogs nails. I am always afraid that I cut too much off and my dog really hates those Dremel looking grinders to sand off his nails.

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Administering meds, both pill and liquid; trimming nails; bathing a cat

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Just in from a helpful @wonderingwhy:

This cat was clearly drugged before this vidoe was made. I’d like the same video using a cat who gets agitated or aggressive during the mummification process.

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@gailcalled This one, for example? (Make sure you have your volume turned up)

We get our share of these, and you just have to laugh at how over-the-top they are (after the adrenalin wears off and the heart rate drops, that is.) <= We won’t be posting those on the clinic channel.

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I don’t know, @gailcalled , maybe he’s just really laid back and used to being the demo cat… but she absolutely didn’t have him wrapped well enough to do ear/eye drops. It needs to be more snug than that was or they can get their front feet out.

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@syz: Your heartbeat and adrenalin or the cat’s? That guy’s ears were so laid back, I couldn’t see them.

I can laugh from a distance, but we had a few moments like that early this morning while I was still in bed and doing nothing but sleeping as far as I could tell.

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@Ron_C Thanks! My Technician Supervisor produced that clip – she did a fantastic job!
@gailcalled Oh, ours, definitely. Those crazy cats make my armpits tingle (which is apparently my physiological response to an adrenalin dump. Physiologic or physiological? Hmm.)

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You have never truly lived until you try to stuff a pill or squirt a syringe of medication down a gooses throat. lol

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Why your cat eats plants
What plants are dangerous for cats that eat them?
Should pets always be fed at the same time every day (will it make them less flexible for exigent circumstances)?
Do cats and dogs really enjoy the Dog Channel?
Is it safe to have a bird if you have cats?
Should i get rattlesnake vaccinations for my dogs?
Do dogs get embarrassed?
What should you do if the cat attacks one person in the household, but no one else?
What should I know before I get a rescue dog?

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@syz:Do you think Milo can sense when my armpits are tingling and thus know to move into immediate attack mode?

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Oh, @gailcalled, I feel so bad for you sometimes.

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