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How would you rank these from worse to the least worst?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 18th, 2012

How would you rank these fashion fux pas (if you believe they are) that women and girls do from worse to not as worse?

* Sagging pants.
* Pajamas as pants.
* Leggings as pant.

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Leggings as pants is what I wear most of the time! They look good with heeled boots :p

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Sagging pants, wtf, really? that’s fashion? now you know why I don’t care.
Pajama pants don’t bother me so much as casual wear, but when I see them walking around downtown and so see so many wearing them something about it starts to make my teeth hurt, particularly when paired with slippers which thankfully seems to have been brief phase and passed.
Leggings, hmmm. I’ve definitely caught myself “head turning” a couple times because of ‘em so I can’t say I disapprove, and done well it works. I’ll say a tentative ‘doesn’t bother me’ maybe even ‘I like’ but that’s wholly subject to change as it evolves.

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Sagging pants are bad on everyone.
As are pajamas as pants.

Leggings as pants – okay if they’re wearing a long shirt or tunic.

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Wait. Doo you wan tot know from least worst to worse. Or least objectionable to most objectionable.

I will go with least objectionable to most objectionable.
Leggings – On the right person I still like that look from the 80’s with the long sweater.
Pajamas – looks like you didn’t have time or laundry to get dressed. What’s with the logo?
Sagging – looks like you either don’t care or don’t realize it. Which is worse?

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People who wear clothes make me sick.

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I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Which explains how out of fashion and out of caring I am. I’ll keep an eye out for leggings, pajamas and sagging, just out of curiosity. I assume I’ll find it on women under 30?

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I like sagging pants the least, but I don’t see them on women. Men, yes. And they look stupid as stupid can be on men.

Pajamas—eh. I’ve gotten used to them on both men and women. Or should I say young men and women. College kids, to be specific. Those are the only ones I see wearing them. Makes me think they didn’t set their alarms early enough.

Leggings. Mmmm-mmm. I love women’s bodies. All parts of them. I love asses. Love legs. Love breasts. Love faces. I’d stare at sexy women all day if I could.

So I do like leggings for being so tight and leaving next to nothing to the imagination. I also like short shorts and boots. That’s a sexy look. In fact, boots with anything that shows a great leg is pretty hot.

Anyway, these looks set my imagination a-racing. I’ll spare you the details. What can I say? I’m a dirty old man. But not a creeper. I just like to look. Please show more. I’m all in favor of less clothes and if you must wear clothes, tighter ones. Indeed, I am happy to see that the bare belly is coming back. Yep. Fashion seems headed in the direction of sexiness, which is great for me!

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I love pajama bottoms, particularly those with sheep, penguins, clouds and Muppets. Arpund here eccentricity is the new chic or the wonderful fux (sic) pas. There is often a correlation between high income and thrift store outfits.

I rarely see leggings any more; they do seem to be worn by only the beanpoles. Sometimes it it hard to differenciate between really skinny jeans and leggings.


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I’ll go with

pajama pants

Coloma laughing at her psychedelic jammy bottoms right now with pink and blue and green flowers. Happy brownie jammies. ;-)

Living rural as I do, and I am sure that @gailcalled can testify as well, to the joys of rural living where it is perfectly acceptable to go to the local market, feed store or gas station in your PJ’s. Best rural fashion statement, wacky PJ bottoms, mud boots/riding boots and a vest over your jammy top. lol

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^^^And for formal occasions, a silk scarf and sparkly earrings.

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@gailcalled Yes, I agree, oh my gosh, my twin across the miles. lol

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—-We already knew that.—

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Pajamas as pants and low riding pants are just stupid. I like the leggings on women with a nice shape. The same pants on a 300 pound 5 foot woman (or man) look like overstuffed sausage.

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Sagging pants – worse. I have changed enough dirty diapers without anyone reminding me.

Leggings – next worse. They give the impression that you are either trying too hard to be fashionable, or not trying at all.

Pajama pants – Best of the worse. I wouldn’t wear them in public, but I would prefer seeing them than the other two options.

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The only bad thing I see on your list is sagging pants.

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They are all crimes against nature and should be punishable by death…

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Love this question…lol

Sagging anything is unattractive. Period. (.)

Pajama bottoms, eh, silly, but not offensive.


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I’ve got some great pyjama pants, never worn, displayed on my bedroom wall, they are gorgeous, get lots of positive comments from friends and visitors, I would most certainly wear them if I could, who would know they were pyjama pants and even if they did I couldn’t care, just look like drawstring-waisted cotton pants, beautiful drawstring-waisted cotton pants.

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Worst- Leggings as pants. Leggings are skin tight and meant to be worn under skirts. This is like the womens’ version of those heinous skin tight men’s biking outfits. Both show off everything and it’s a total assault on the eyes. Camel toes, the male area, and ass dimples shouldn’t be out in public.

Other, more different worst- Sagging pants. It started as a way to hide guns. Now it’s worn by suburban twelve-year-olds. I don’t really feel strongly about this look, one way or another.

Least worst- Pajamas. Unlike the other two, these adequately cover the ass so it’s a win by default. Some days are just bad, and wearing silly flannel pajama pants is an amazing comfort. On the other hand, it kind of says to the world “I woke up late/ am hungover/ haven’t showered today.”

I’m not really sure how to rank from worse to least worst. I tried my best.

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@Haleth I so agree that biker shorts should go on this list. I am a red-blooded American woman and don’t object to men who want to strut their stuff, but although I take a second look at a nicely-built, shirtless man in low-rider jeans, I actually avert my eyes when I see a biker with his junk swinging around in spandex. Yuck!

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@Haleth What is the youngest age you believe a girl should be strutting around in sausage tight leggings as paints no long short, etc? I seen a gal about 9~11yr old at Starbuck with her mother in camouflage legging used as pants. Wonder if she was buying her daughter a “milkshake like” iced coffee?

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If I wore the bottoms of these or these out in public, which I am tempted to do, people would stop to ask where I had purchased them.

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@gailcalled It is apparently very common to wear clothes like those, I see them whenever I go out, and the 19 year old that lives in my house wears them in public when she goes out.usually the bottoms, with tank tops

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@Hypocrisy_Central I don’t think anyone should wear leggings as pants ever, so I guess that goes double for young people?

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