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Pantech Ease (sic) phone will not allow me to send photos to computer, etc. How to do this? How to get around the problem also of phone insisting its memory is full and therefore it will not even allow me to email photos to myself?

Asked by susanc (16104points) September 18th, 2012

This phone’s manual says nothing about camera operation and you can’t call them up or email them.
I used to be able to send photos to myself one at a time. Now I cannot.
In addition, neither the cord I bought from the ATT store (where I bought the phone) nor the chip I bought ditto so that I could transfer info to iPhoto works. For example, I can load the photos onto my desktop but the file won’t load into iPhoto, “Unreadable file”.

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Take it to AT&T, maybe they can fix. Maybe someone else had one but when a phone will not connect to computer it could be the MicroSD card.

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