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What was your experience when applying to either Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon with bad credit? [See Details Inside]?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) September 18th, 2012

Have you ever felt you had ok credit or bad credit yet had to apply to one of these major phone carriers? What was your results? Denied? Down payment? Approved?

I’m looking to get into a carrier. Virgin Mobile phones are just too expensive for me since they are mostly sold retail price.

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I had a little bit of a problem after my divorce from my first wife. This was back in 2003. My wife and I were with Cingular (now AT&T) and she cut off my cell phone as I was driving from Delaware to South Florida by myself. I went to establish cell phone service with them, and evnthough I was a customer with my wife, and paid our bills on time, they wanted a $500 deposit from me. So I balked and walked out. I then tried to apply with Verizon, who wanted a…wait for it…$1000 deposit from me, to which I fired a sleu of expletives at the sales person, and stormed out. I then went to Sprint, who not only approved me, but approved me with NO DEPOSIT. To which I promptly signed up with them, and have been a customer of theirs ever since. I have never been outright denied, however, the verbiage they will use is “your application has been approved, and we are requiring a deposit of $_____.” Which in my eyes is essentially a denial, because they know that more than likely you will balk at the deposit, because of its prohibitive amount. With that said, I recommend you go with Sprint… Hope this helped, and good luck. BTW, Sprint has the iPhone :)

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When I first applied with Cingular (which soon after became ATT) they required a $100 deposit which was refundable after a year if no payment problems.

I did and after a year, it was promptly refunded. I got one of their basic Samsung free phones. About a year later, I got the iPhone with no problem and no deposit.

However, there was a friend of mine with bad credit who applied for an iPhone and they required a $500 deposit for a year. Had he opted for a lesser phone it would have only been $100.

I seriously doubt that any company would let an iPhone go out the door with no credit record or a hefty deposit to back it up. They would be risking toomuch.

But if you were to get a more basic phone and establish a good track record with them for about a year or so, you’d likely get an iPhone without difficulty.

They really don’t have much choice regarding the iPhone since the market value is $500–600 and they are already taking a bath from subsidising it so heavily for regular customers. A new iPhone with a two year contract only costs each customer $200. Thats quite a difference.

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