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Would you let your daughter who is 15 hang out with a 19 year old girl who drives .

Asked by Acrazycouple (195points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

my daughter wants to go to her freinds grandmothers house on a lake for a night or two. Should I be worried what do you guys think? Oh, my daughter is great and pretty mature.

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for a night or two, yes i would be worried. but i mean at your house i wouldnt get too freak out

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Why does a 19 year old want to hang out with a 15 year old?

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no she’s too young to make any sound decision, if she was the same age and she has grown maturely than yes. I’d also would have to know who she’s really dealing with.

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@playthebango, my thought exactly, i have never really thought of girls that like older guys as weird, but the guys who hit on girls like 4–5 years younger are weird

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What’s the problem?

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When I was in high school (15–16) I hung out with students at the local art school. Mostly to get alcohol and get in to bars. I certainly have no idea about the decisions your daughter is making…that’s your job…I can only tell you my experiences.

But really, what does a 19 year old have in common with a 15 year old? Have they known each other a long time? (family friends?)

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i think that your question and the description are different. because the question says “hang out” but that could be chillin at ur house under your supervision. but then the description says “go to her freinds grandmothers house on a lake for a night or two” which is a whole different story, because you dont know if the grandmother will be there or if she will be supervising at all

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Mine would not have been.

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well does the 19 yr old have a license and is she a good driver ?

and i agree why would a 19yr old hang out with a 15 yr old… im 18 and i hang out with people older then me.. and like they said there might not be a grandmother at all.. i know i lie to my parents about where im going because if i tell them where i would actually be they wouldnt let me go

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@melly you hit the nail on the head. not saying your daughter is a liar or a bad person, but just because she says shes going to a grandmothers house, doesnt mean she wont be going to parties, especially overnight

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I’d like to know how long they’ve known each other. Or better yet how long have you known this girl. If it’s been a while, then maybe there’s nothing to really worry about.

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well since shes questioning it anyways, i doubt it is a family friend that she has known her whole life, cus if it was she wouldnt be debating in the first place

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well maybe you should meet up with the girl or talk to the grandmother over the phone.. just to make sure.. and if u trust her then i guess you could let her go.. but like i said before my mom thinks i go to the movies all the time. but i really go hang out with my bf .. i know it sucks to lie to her but i have to do it. if i dont then she wont let me do anything.. im basically a prisoner at my own house and im 18 going to be 19..i dont get it

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Don’t let her go. A 19 year-old has no business hanging out with a 15 year-old. That simple. P.S. Don’t tell her her aunt/Godmother said that.

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I also don’t see why a 19 year old would want to be associated with a 15 year old…. and to spend a few nights by a grandmother’s house—sounds a little fishy to me. Either she will be exposed to guys aged 18–21 (and we all know where their mind is 24/7) or it will involve booze and/drugs or all of the above – - Bottom Line, I wouldn’t let her go

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No- I have a 15 year old daughter and she wanted to hang out with a 17 year old with a car.

No- she is not ready to have the freedom a 17 (or 19) year old has.

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Eh i wouldnt really make too big of a deal out of it if you know your daughter is mature. When i was 15 i was hanging out with 19 year olds and even now when i am 19 most of my friends are 25+. I could never stand kids my age always thought they were immature so i hung out and got along much better with older people. Besides its not like the 19 year old is old enough to be buying alcohol or anything like that. If your really that concerned ask to meet the other person first.

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Is it a guy or girl? I don’t see that in your question. If it’s a guy I’d probably say no but at 15 I had friends around 18 and 19 and even a bit older. I’d say that you want to meet this friend if it’s a girl and you’d also like to talk to the grandmother. If your daughter has had a good record as far as being honest with you and staying out of trouble and you meet these people I’d say let her go. She’s old enough where she needs to be having more freedom and trust from you but she’s also still young enough that you should know the details of where this place is and the need meet these people.

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@autumnofage really? see now i would think your logic would be the other way around if it was a guy let him go but girl dont. Thats how most people tend to be. My mom always gave me much more freedom at a young than she gives to my sister.

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no no I meant is the friend a guy or girl

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Ohhh lol im retarded. ^__^ But yea in that case i would definitely agree no way with a guy but if its with a girl its cool

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its a girl (the 19 year old) read the last part of the question “with a 19 year old girl”

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yeah I’m blind and completely skipped over that!

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not as blind as me asking if it was a son or daughter lol. ^__^

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