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What do you miss most about being a child?

Asked by osullivanbr (3630points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

If you could pick three things that you miss most about being a child, what would they be?

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I miss the fact that I never even knew that people could judge me.

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i miss not having to pay for my own things….i had more freedom as a child actually (my parents dont let me go out as much and want me home earilier now!!).. and going to chuck e. (now i go and im the weird older person .. parents are scared im going to do something to their kids)

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all the freetime. especially summers. and random acts of vandalism like houses and breaking bottles and blowing stuff up with firecrackers.

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No worries about school, the future, exams, money and so on and so forth. I wish I was a child again.

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1. Being fed
2. Being housed
3. Feeling safe

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1000 Babo!!!11!! Please don’t make it change D: and yes I agree to…but still…1000!!

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Babo said it already!

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Summer Vacations- nobody told me they would end
Only being responsible for myself financially
The freedom of the wind in my hair, sun on my face and taking my bicycle anywhere I wanted just so long as I was home by dinnertime.

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freedom. The world seem bigger. But most I missed being fearless. As a kid I would try almost anything. Now I am smarter and think twice before I put my head down to tackle that guy playing football. LOL

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Summer Vacations
The excitement of Santa Claus
Playing pretend games with my friends- Like playing Star Wars
Zim Zam!!

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Oh and I almost forgot Saturday Cartoons!!

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summer vaction, not having to work, and being closer to my sisters.

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. The knowledge that there’d always be someone caring at home when I needed it (and when I didn’t)
. The ability to spend days on end playing pretend without reality butting in and spoiling my fantasy.
. The magic fridge that always refilled itself!

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Inocence, no resposibility , Santa Claus

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@Tia29 – I object to your answer, your picture clearly shows your still a child. :-)

The lack of responsibility.

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- light up shoes
– people holding me
– more attention

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I miss this vague feeling that the world contained magic. I miss having others tending to my happiness. I miss feeling certain about what I should be doing.

Adulthood has its charms too, though I did recently have a feeling of sadness that those easy comfortable years are sliding farther and farther into the past.

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I miss the fact that there was never had anything to worry about life was one big playground. Now a days you worry about bills and where your next paycheck is coming from or do you have enough money to get through the week etc. I also do agree that adulthood doses have its charms and its not all that bad. :)

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Going to all day marathons of Laurel and Hardy with my dad at the theatre in Del Mar and hearing him laugh
Body surfing on a styrofoam belly board at Torrey Pines beach when practically no one else knew about it
My Great Aunt Hortense and her wonderful stories about the family

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It’s weird. I never thought I’d miss these as a child. Took them for granted? That’s too vague. Didn’t even know what it all meant.

1. Innocence
2. No responsibility
3. No fear of the things I fear now.

Should I have enjoyed more as a child?

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1. Not being able to curl up with a good book without feeling guilty because “I have other things to do”
2. Being able to eat what I want and not put on any weight, because a) I have the energy to run around and b) my body absorbs that sort of stuff better!
3. Being able to climb trees, play in puddles and be fascinated by minibeasts for hours!!!

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@dog right back at ya! by the way tag you’re it

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