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Seen any bad and good movies lately?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) September 19th, 2012

[ Spoiler Alert ] Please share the latest bad movie first and then the good movie second.

Recently, I just saw the latest Resident Evil movie and was greatly disappointed. It was bland and uninspired. The first installment is still the one only worth watching. It is even showing in an Imax theater near me. Total waste of money, imo.

On the other hand, I chanced upon Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen! What a delight. The last time I saw it projected on the silver screen was in the 80’s. Relished each and every Spielbergian scene composition with William’s stirring score. The movie still rocks!

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THIS was amazing! A must see!

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I no longer see movies not worth seeing. These are all excellent.

The Queen of Versailles: 2012 documentary about greed and venality.

La Regle du Jeu 1939 masterpiece directed by Jean Renoir

Le adieux å la reine Four days after the fall of the Bastille in the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

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I very rarely make it through a legitimately bad movie any more. If it’s not at least a little interesting I give up.

The last omfgthisissoawesome! movie I saw was…. well the one that pops into my head was 2002’s “Secretary” with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall. That’s a special breed of twisted. I loved it.

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In the wtf was I thinking category such that I couldn’t be bothered with links: The Breed, Alien Origin, Dark Fields, Silent House (which I had hopes for), John Carter (and I’m being disingenuous, I didn’t think was exactly bad just a victim of my thinking what could have been).

I rewatched Oldboy, Ip Man, and The Man from Nowhere recently and thought all were fantastic. I wouldn’t say The Final or The Reeds were great (Final was good, Reeds average) but both surprised me in being better than expected. Tonight I’m re-watching The Game, just received in Criterion Blu-ray. I used to love this flick, after losing my copy this is the first time in years I’ll have a chance to see it, here’s hoping it’s held up!

We don’t really go to the movies much, we’re content to wait and see most things at home. With that said I have high hopes for Looper, Frankenweenie, and Life of Pi, and Looper at least we intend to go see.

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@wonderingwhy I think Rian Johnson is my favorite director so Looper is probably going to be one of the few times I make it out to the theater this year. I just love his movies. I haven’t actually watched the trailer because I already know I want to see and Johnson tweeted it’s better not to see the trailer :)

@Seek_Kolinahr Steven Shainberg is pretty far up my list as well and I heartily recommend you check out Fur since you liked Secretary.

I’m not sure what the last bad movie I saw was, but I enjoyed Tucker and Dale vs Evil and rewatched Inception recently as well.

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The latest bad movie would be Nina’s Heavenly Delights. It just seemed like it was made by amateurs. Bad acting, bad effects etc.

The latest good movie I saw was My Own Private Idaho. It’s a little strange, but special in the good way.

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@fundevogel Thank you! It’s on my library hold list now! ^_^

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Well, there was this one.

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I thought Ted was dumb as shit and not funny, Mark Whalburg is hideous, Mila Kunis is boring and a terrible actress. The teddy bear was kind of funny maybe once or twice.

I watched The Gray the other night, also thought that was obnoxiously terrible. Too long, too dark, not a happy ending, the same thing happened seven times throughout the movie AND it was super loud.

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I can’t recall any really bad movies. Maybe I block out the memory?? Or just as likely I have no patience to finish watching them.

I liked The Flowers of War
and Beasts of the Southern Wild
and Water for Elephants
and like @gailcalled I enjoyed Farewell, My Queen or as @gailcalled would say it, Les adieux a la reine

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Edit; Les adieux

@Earthgirl; I am seeing “Beasts of the Southern Wild” this Sunday at our little indie film club. I am pleased that you liked it enough to recommend it.

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Bad movie;

Piranha 3DD

As a horror fan, I don’t think that all good horror requires gore. Not at all. But I certainly do think that certain types need it, and not just because some are so shallow and ridiculous, but because gore can often compliment the sub genre of horror, or at least the feel it’s going for. Like piranhas fucking shit up.
I saw the first one, the 2010 remake of the 1978 original.
My argument here isn’t to debate anything about gore, especially when I haven’t seen the original version, but goddamn it I have opinions too, for fuck sakes. The first remake was violent, gory and actually pretty disturbing, especially a part where they show the aftermath of a major attack. A lot of the movie is comedy, so this mixed with the over the top gore makes for an interesting mix. It’s like eating something that tastes good, and then at the end it starts tasting real foul. Makes a fun balance. The humor is lowbrow and axed on sex, the violence dealt by the fish is merciless and severe. People crawling around on all fours (if all fours are still there) with 30% of their skeleton showing, girls being torn in half…while some porn movie producer can find nothing else to say as he dies from a piranha attack; they took my penis…they took my penis! Man, I just feel like spoiling the whole movie. Everything stands quite well together and it is what it wanted to be; a light hearted horror comedy with plenty of juice. and boobs

But I was supposed to talk about the sequel to that remake…it fuckin sucks. They toned down the gore to precisely 0%, and made the jokes so stupid. The brand of comedy these two movies have is already stupid, but in the first movie it’s haw haw stupid. In this second one, it tried way too hard to underline its success in the first and go over it. We get it. Penises. I get it. I like penises. Everyone likes penises. Get over it. It’s not funny.
I could tolerate all that if the movie was as gory as the first, which to me was its highlight, but as I say, they took it all out. What the hell?? All that’s left is piss poor character progression I don’t give a shit about because it sucks, humor so lame that it’s almost obscure, and the stupidest deaths I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. It’s also pretty sad that the coolest deaths in this don’t actually involve any piranhas.

What I did appreciate about the movie is that it followed its own mythos, and really was a sequel. They didn’t just forget the events of the first movie and start from scratch. They went on. The fish also evolve in interesting ways, and it’s interesting to see how they survive and follow up their killing spree in this sequel. Still, that’s not enough to save the boring piece of work this was. It’s trying to be like the first, but I think it forgot it was based on the horror genre. And these aren’t usually the kinds of things that bother me, but this was such a goddamn failure…and I’m not the only one who thinks so. The movie did poorly. I think there was this movie that came out on the same day as this. It was shot in Nepal and involves some dude sawing frozen fish in half for like two hours, and it was shot with a monocle and no electricity. Made more money than Piranha 3DD.
The only highlight in this was Christopher Lloyd, and it just makes me want to watch Back to the Future, since those have nothing to do with this 3DD crap.

To be fair, in like, 30 years from now it’s probably going to be some sought after movie by horror fans who truly love the worse of the worse. I’m afraid to admit it, but this is something I can appreciate.

Good movie;

The Dead

One of the best zombie movies I’ve seen in a long time. Probably the most original title ever for a zombie movie…the movie was filmed in Africa, and offers some very pretty and interesting scenery. Sometimes a little bleak, sometimes not…it’s really interesting. That’s the thing with this movie though…it does such an awesome job of keeping a balance in everything, that you constantly have a good sense of realism the whole time you watch it, besides a few inevitable cookie cutter factors. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool that one of the scariest zombie movies I’ve seen takes place in a country I’ve never been to. It’s like I’ve lived there my whole life after seeing this. The zombies are really scary, man.

This is this movie’s strength. FEAR. Tension…the edge of your seat. Mind you, the movie is very predictable, and not without its cheesy elements. But this doesn’t matter because it all works so well. One of those cases where ’‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’’ is very true. You’re not gonna get a more classic zombie movie. No surprises, no humor, nothing new, no bullshit; just a damn good zombie movie.
A military technician is the sole survivor of a plane crash, and eventually teams up with an African soldier in order to help the latter find his son, who should be in a safe haven. The whole movie concentrates on their quest to get there.
The zombies are extremely well done. The only thing I don’t like is how their eyes are all white, but this is just personal opinion. Otherwise they’re great. They’re really damn slow too, which does a lot for the tension. Although sometimes they’re as fast as speeding bullets when attacking. I just had fun with that, debating in my head about zombie phases. (repose, stalking, feeding) There’s a million things you’ve seen in zombie movies that happen here, but the way they’re done is just…wow. It’s SCARY. That’s what’s important. When I talk about freaky atmospheres, I’m talking about The Dead.
I’d also like to note that while the movie has a soundtrack, it’s never overdone. A lot of the more intense parts of it don’t have much music, which only helps the nail the fear factor deeper into your soul. It’s so much easier to find yourself in the situation. My only complaint is some of the sound effects. Zombies walking around or eating someone kind of sounds like somebody masturbating into a grocery bag. This, however, doesn’t happen often; the zombies are usually really silent, which is what freaks me out. Not much moaning…just slowly walking towards you.

The movie has good gore too, and none of it is made with CG. It looks disturbing, and they make sure to show you every goddamn nasty little detail, although never for very long. Still, it only heightens the realism; were I to see someone devoured before my eyes, I don’t think I’d just sit there and admire it.

The movie’s visuals are really great and bleak; severed limbs everywhere, and I learned something interesting…many zombies here walk/crawl around and are missing an arm or a leg; actual amputees played some of the zombies.

The movie is pretty long, and does have its long drawn out scenes which serve mostly needless character progression that, after all, doesn’t really go anywhere. But the actors are very interesting and it sticks with you, so it’s always interesting. A bit cheesy a bit long, but really fun and quite disturbing. I’d suggest this to any zombie fan out there. Whether you enjoy the movie or not, I guarantee you’re going to remember it for the rest of your life.

TLDR version;

The Dead

’‘pats DVD and gives it the thumbs up’’

Piranha 3DD

’‘Shows the case to the audience’’ Does anyone here need to defecate? If so, do it on this.

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@Symbeline Yes but, tell me what you really think about those movies. Lol. Ok, I was thinking of seeing Piranha 3D but I’m going to take you word for it. No biggie. I wasn’t that set on it anyway. With regards to The Dead, I believe I got dissuaded by those Netflix reviews! Will check it out now. Thanks!

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Tell me what you think of it.

And Piranha 3D is great, it’s Piranha 3DD that sucks ass.

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@Symbeline Did see Piranha 3D. I meant the 3DD. That dick scene was unforgettable. Was a real downer after seeing all those boobs. And oh, btw, your avatar made me feel like a Roman Centurion who needs to go as far away from you as possible. Lol. She was scary in that movie!

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Repeating myself;

After having seen Jean Renoir’s La règle du jeu again last night, I watched the interviews with Renoir and several surviving crew and cast members and Renoir’s son. Then I watched the commentaries, the BBC specials on Renoir and remarks from the apparently infinite number of cinéastes who have written theses on this movie.

It may be one of the most interesting movies ever made.

And as an extra temptation, Renoir’s father was the painter, Auguste Renoir.

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@mazingerz88 Etain rocks, bro. :)

Well Piranha 3DD has another penis scene, plus a lot of boobs, too. But it still sucks.

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@Symbeline Ok now I’m compelled to see that. That’s right. I’m a shallow Neanderthal.
: )

Just saw Dredd last night. Not bad, imo. Although now, Etain undoubtedly would be a better female partner for Dredd. It just occurred to me.

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@mazingerz88 I’ll forgive you if you also see The Dead.

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Will do. Always on the hunt for a nice zombie flick.

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Okay… watched WAY too many DVDs this weekend.

@fundevogel – THANK YOU! Fur was beautiful. Not at all what I expected, but fantastic.

Also, watched Hamlet, with the RSC starring David Tennant and the Captain (Patrick Stewart). Wow. I didn’t think I could love Hamlet or David Tennant any more. I was wrong.

Also also, watched the BBC series Desperate Romantics. Also fantastic. If you’re opposed to nudity, don’t bother. ^_^

And, way too much Doctor Who. I’m hooked. ^_^

Well, two of them were movies, at least!

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’m glad you liked it. It’s one of my sexy movies :). And good choice with the Hamlet. I love that version. Tennant kills me when he does the dialogue with Polonius and the little book.

I haven’t been so impressed with Doctor Who so far this season (I loved the last two). Just kinda meh so far. I get that the Doctor’s just popping in erratically so we’re not getting the sort of story and character progression as before, but it just feels clunky to me. Character-wise too much of the story seems to be happening off screen to feel natural on screen and on screen I’m just not feeling the sort of drama that gets me interested. It’s like that last week of school in middle school where there’s nothing to do because the teachers are afraid that there won’t be enough time to finish new projects.

But I’m hoping it picks up with the angel story and the new companion.

I’ll have to look into Desperate Romantics. I’m so not opposed to nudity.

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It’s fantastic nudity, as well. Lots of lovely ladies, and Aidan Turner, or Mitchell from Being Human. I could eat him for dessert. Srsly.

I’ve just finished the first David Tennant season of Doctor Who. Making him last as long as I can.

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@Seek_Kolinahr He’s rediculous-awesome in the Fright Night remake.

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I think I just orgasmed a little.

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That’s completely normal.

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@Symbeline Watched The Dead. Liked it. You know a guy has been through zombie hell when he sees one limping towards him, stare at it at close range, then walk away doing nothing. Cool.

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@mazingerz88 Haha yeah. They show that in the trailer and at the beginning, and at first I’m like, wow this dude’s brave…until I learned it was near the end. It’s like, oh. Lol. Glad you liked it. :D

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