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Why do you spend so much time on Fluther?

Asked by wizard (703points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

Is it the debate on opinions? I find myself spending more time on Fluther when I can find a question that I can give both personal answers, and suggest
links to help support my opinion and suggest more ideas. And it could also be the collective’s way of expressing hidden and ingenious thoughts, and comparing them to your own.

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I like socialising online, I lack an offline social life and I’ve no idea why but I have some weird hatred/fear towards it (an offline social life, plus those words are slightly strong hehe) but I love to learn and help others learn, to discuss, to understand, to broaden my horizons, open up my mind and such. Fluther is one of those sites that helps do this by providing a good base to meet friendly, informative people, allowing you to settle in and feel at home very quickly. Not many other places I could say that :)

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So I can share my opinions and wait for others to respond and elaborate on my thoughts. I like getting feedback on my answers to know that they were good and/or helpful. I also usually have nothing else to do. Except that I should be studying for finals right about now, but whatever!

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Because Babo is here and Babo rocks!!!

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lol, jstring you have 666 Lurve, and yes, it’s nice to know whether the answers you provide are detailed enough and are sufficient for others and you can always learn new stuff by getting it wrong, which is how I see life, you can learn only by getting it wrong, if you get it right you’ve learnt nothing as it suggests you already know it ;)

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@skyrail, it’s 671.

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It was 666 when I saw it, I swear :<

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I second what scamp said and Babo does rock!!
Also because it gives me something to think about, laugh about and be curious about. What more could you want?

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@skyrail; I know, he got a GA.

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Its very simple I HAVE NO LIFE IN THE REAIL WORLD I LIVE ONLINE ahahahahahahahahahahahaha hehehe (I hope no one finds out that im an anime person that escaped from youtube and now wanders the net FREEE)

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I feel like I learn more when I’m on here. Because even when you can’t personaly answer a question, you get to find the answers.

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so i can procrastinate even more with things i should be doing and people i should be meeting.

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I’m a little lonely, and very opinionated. So it’s fun here.

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At the moment, I find it a distracting relief from my real world problems.

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Because I got kicked off 4chan…

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I ask myself that question every day wizard.

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It all boils down to procrastination! I enjoy interacting with the collective rather doing what should be done!

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I have no life

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I am actually ADDICTED to creating questions (to which I really wish to know the answers) and to answering the questions of others, either whimsically or seriously.

It’s fun being able to help someone discover an answer to a serious question, or to provide another (and maybe different) opinion, or just to make (if I’m lucky) somone smile or laugh out loud.

September 4, 2008, 2:02 AM EDT

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What Jack said.

Also, i am a freelancer with no work friends or crowd. So this is sort of my serroget.

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i just signed on today and now I am addicted. I need help. Maybe I should ask how the hell can I break this addiction. How?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Question and answer sites are my one weakness. It’s true.

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I like the people I can interact with here. It’s funny how online folks don’t care about the same sort of things that real life people care about, and, if I am sitting at my computer naked, no one knows it.

Besides, what else am I going to do this late at night?

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I love Q&A sites. This one has proven to be much more than I initially expected. Besides I have friends here now, and they seem to understand me…
I started out with a little place called KnowPost. I was there for a few years before Clay closed down and for a few years, I was unable to find a Q&A site that met my expectations. The along came Cerescape. I was perfectly happy there for several months before the dreaded invasion. Once I left CS, I found I was not spending nearly as much free time on-line. DrasticDreamer was kind enough to refer me to this site, and I have been unable to escape since.

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Basically I am addicted because I need a distraction when I am supposed to be working. I find that if I come on a site like this whilst working my thoughts begin to streamline and my ideas become more effective!!

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Fluther makes the world go round thats why. : )

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I wonder about the collective. Gr8 positioning. I’ve told them that even twitter can’t replace fluther. It’s in a zone of it’s own. And that’s special, unique and the stuff good business plans are made of. I wonder what they can diversify into? It’ll be something good I can vouch for it. Wish there was more fluther around.

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Well I find it very interesting discovering other peoples opinions on things and also, because I ask questions and the kind people on fluther answer them, I think that it’s only fair that I give back to the Fluther community what I am taking from it, right?

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i don’t read the newspaper or watch the news, so fluther’s an awesome place to catch up on things happening. and people put things into perspective. there’s a variation of opinions, and a lot of them are thought-provoking.
also, where else can you find conversation like some of these? different ideas, different opinions, some of the most random questions and hypothetical situations and suggestions. as much as i love my ‘real life’ friends, it’s nice to come somewhere to talk about things that they aren’t as interested in.

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What is so cool about fluther is that it is not mindless like some other advice and Q&A sites. Fluther has answers and opinions to just about everything and people here know a lot. And the slogan(tap the collective) or whatever it is, is really great. I think I really learn a lot when I go on here. It also helps me to better understand and respect other’s opinions and beliefs even if they aren’t my own. The answers are very good too. Some people just really know a lot! And the people here are really helpful. I hope this site can continue to blossom. :)

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I like it. It’s better than Yahoo! Answers I think

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Where else can you meet instantly with a community of honest, intelligent and varied people like you do here.

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I’m lonely.

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(((hugs zen)))) and hopes it makes “them” better|!

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I used to troll Fluther and some other sites, but for some reason I’ve been being attacked. So now I’m thinking about quitting and just going back to just using the internet as a quick resource and that’s it.

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I like seeing other people’s perspectives and opinions. I also like sharing my own.

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