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"I'm not going to be rounding people up and deporting them. We're going to put in place a permanent solution." How do you feel about Romney's anti-deportation stance?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) September 20th, 2012

I’m not sure I like the sound of a “permanent solution” in this context. He could have chosen better words, I think. Still, he has promised (or has he?) not to round up people and deport them. Again with the WWII sinister rhetoric. Or maybe it’s cold war rhetoric.

No specifics, of course. This is Mr. “No-specifics” Romney who is full of promises but only vague guidelines on how he wants to achieve them. I would think that the no deportation rhetoric would bother anti-immigrant Republicans, who want to get rid of all the undocumented aliens in the country.

But what say you?

Here’s more information about Romney’s interview on Univision last night.

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Sounds Hitlerish. Does “final solution” ring a bell?

I doubt that is what he meant, but he could have made a better – less idiotic – sentence.

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I can’t seem to work up much of any feeling. Wait, does apathy count? He’s not saying anything. I would assume that’s because any step in a direction that would actually take Latino votes from Obama would probably cost him equal and possibly more from his base; and cause trouble for him with R’s in congress if he were elected. I guess it’s better than “I understand you think there’s a problem but I’ll leave that for the next guy.” or “I’m tossing ya’ll out on your asses.” but Clarissa Martinez summed it up nicely ‘The question is what would a Romney administration do?’ Apparently his answer is trust me I’ll do something. How helpful. Until then Latino’s might be swayed one way or another by jobs and economics (although at one point his plan was to ‘self-deport’ them, so maybe not) but if they’re concerned about immigration Romney was a non-starter and this doesn’t seem to change that. Funny thing is it probably wouldn’t have to be so black and white if he’d put forward a framework for immigration reform and back it with party commitments, instead of dodging. Of course that could be said for a lot of things on both sides, but it’s hard to make a case against record vs. enigmatic ideas.

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It is no secret that I do not trust Romney & his remark about putting in place a permanent solution to the illegal immigration situation is very puzzling. For all anyone knows, he might be considering putting all of the illegal immigrants into the For Profit Prison System & using our tax dollars to keep them there. Of course it would be the tax dollars of the average Americans who would be footing the bill, since he & Ryan have promised to lower the taxes for the wealthiest Americans.

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It is my sincere hope he mis-spoke himself. Perhaps thinking about making it harder on people who hire illegal immigrants by enforcing laws already on the books. Once it becomes difficult to find a job that doesn’t make you pay taxes and provide benefits, the draw for fence jumping may decrease, and some may go home with what they have earned while here (self deportation).

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I am beginning to think Romney only wants to be president for one reason – to tinker with tax codes. He doesn’t appear to give a damn about immigration, or foreign policy, or health care, or the economy in general. He seems to have a genuinely difficult time giving enough attention to these subjects to say anything of substance, or avoid putting his foot in his mouth. I think he just doesn’t care. He couldn’t possibly fail this hard if he were trying, could he?

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My mother has a little sticker on her frig. “May my words be tender and sweet, because I may have to eat them later”. Maybe a new Romney bumper sticker.

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Maybe he has an island he wants to populate. “What did he mean?” seems to be a common response to what he says. The Enigmatic Man who would be president.

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Yesterday I heard some pundit say that Romney wants to be president because it’s on his “bucket-list”. It sure doesn’t seem like he is coming up with any specifics.

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I can almost guarantee he only has the brown illegal immigrants in mind, and that says a lot about what kind of person he is. He should keep to swindling people and corporations; I don’t know why he thinks he can run a country.

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The last time I voted for a president because he had an unnamed solution to a problem, his solution turned out to be turn tail and run – retreat

I would expect this secret solution would be to issue a presidential decree calling for forced sterilization or some such outlandish thing.

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Ah, yes. A secret solution. First thing that comes to my mind is the Wansee Conference where they also came up with a secret solution.

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Romeny is for comprehensive immigration reform when he’s talking to Hispanics; and the Arizona Papers Please Law plus condition so onerous all “illegals” (his words) self deport when he’s talking to his fellow Con Men. He’d veto the dream act but cares intensely about those who got here as children through no fault of their own. How on Earth am I supposed to say how I feel about a man’s policies when he has no idea what his policies are? Jon Huntsman was right, “Romney has more positions than a well oiled weather vane.”

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I actually don’t think that Romney has any real stances relating to most issues. Not only is Romney a perpetual flip-flopper, but I feel that his tendency to put his foot in his mouth is directly related to his lack of having a real stance on anything. No, Romney has no real stances on most issues, but he’ll say anything to get votes whether his words are ill advised or not.

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