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What have you done with your University diploma?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) September 20th, 2012

Mine is framed, stuffed at the back of my closet.

Do you have yours displayed somewhere or is it in storage?

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I think it is in the back of a closet… but I’m not sure.

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Mine is still in it’s original tube in my sock drawer.

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Upon reading your answer quickly, I now picture it wrapped in a tube sock. =)

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It’s around here somewhere.

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My school colors were blue and gold. The diploma with a blue mat and gold frame is hideous. My Mom ordered it, and sadly, back in the closet she sits (diploma, not Moms).

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@Mama_Cakes I don’t know what color mine is. We were the Big Red so I’m assuming that it’s red.

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Who remembers?

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My parents had mine framed for me as a graduation gift, along with a picture of a famous landmark on campus. I have it hanging in my office at work.

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I got a color photocopy of the diploma made and framed that; it hangs over my dresser, along with a commemorative tassel. The actual diploma is still in the folder that it came in, someplace where I can get at it in case anybody ever questions my credentials.

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I think I have it in a file folder somewhere in my file cabinet. Never needed to use it for anything. I did go to grad school, but they wanted my transcript send directly from my school.

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@Nullo Papers, please! I also have the same nagging feeling that I should keep it in case it’s needed as proof of something. Logically, I know no one will ever want to see it (look at the size of those things!), but it’s funny how I can’t let it go.

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Hanging on a wall in my house, along wih many other diplomas & certificates. It used to hang in my office – when I had an office. Either way, nobody ever sees it.

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I still dream of getting mine…someday!

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Two of mine are framed, but my most recent one is in a folder. I just haven’t gotten around to framing it yet. I use to have them up on the wall above my desk, but right now they are just in a pile of pictures that need to be hung up from our move. I’ve had to show mine to the Board of Nursing in each state I’ve obtained a nursing license and several of my employers.

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@gasman It’s a sticky preoccupation, really. I still have my old notes, for fear that one day someone will want me to tell them how to synergize the paradigm of their business plan with an underlying metaphor, or something.

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Mine is framed and on the top shelf of my closet behind the sweaters. @Mama_Cakes How did you know?

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My BA is on my bookshelf with my High School Diploma. When I get my MA this summer, I might consider having that one framed. Since I knew I was going right back to school, I didn’t see a point in blowing money to have my BA put on display.

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Strange how we kill ourselves studying and then they end up in storage or forgotten somewhere!!!!!

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Mine only came through the post last week!
I’ll probably put it in a frame, and then it will get stored away no doubt.
I’m not too fussed about showing it off.

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My BA in psychology is in the filing cabnet, somewhere. After 50+ years, it is of little value. While I only worked a few years in my field, the fact that I had earned one did provide some credibility when applying for management level employment twenty years or so ago.

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Mine was in it’s original tube for a few years. Then, I had it framed and it lived in my basement for about sixteen years.

Recently, the president at my new job requested I hang it in my office. So I retrieved it in my basement (next to the oil tank), cleaned it up, and hung it up at work.

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@ZEPHYRA At the risk of soundly achingly sappy, I didn’t almost kill myself for a piece of paper; I did it for what can’t be put on physical display.

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I never picked mine up from the registrar’s office.

In return for a lifetime membership in the Alumni Association, I was sent a plaque of a metal etched replica of my diploma mounted on a walnut base. That’s been in a box ever since I moved out of my house as part of getting divorced.

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Each one is squirreled away in a different drawer… I think…I did stumble over one of them in an obscure drawer, but haven’t seen the other two in years so I am guessing that they are also in drawers somewhere. Where I work, it would be really odd to have them on the wall (along with any awards, etc.) but on my office wall I do have a framed clip of a newspaper article showing me doing my job. It is up there because a friend of mine had it framed and it really does depict a slice of history of the early AIDS epidemic (then very young me surrounded by skinny gay men who are no longer with us). I think it says more than any diploma ever could.

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I think all three of mine are in a box somewhere, or possibly in the original tubes they came in. Someday I will find them somewhere, or a future familial archaeologist will stumble upon them, after my demise.

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