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What should Dr. J. dress up as this year for Halloween?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (25801points) September 20th, 2012

He has been dressed up as a mummy and a vampire. What is your vote for 2012?

@Augustlan, is this even possible these days?

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As i’ve always said, there is a striking resemblance, suitably sinister too.

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Is the costume designer still in the tide pool?

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I think it was cameron or tim trueman.

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What do we care what Julius Erving does for Halloween?

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Does May 31, 1983 mean nothing to you? ;-o

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I don’t know if a new costume is possible, but I know the guys can use an old one. I vote for some kind of spooky jack-o-lantern-jelly, if we get a new one.

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I think he should dress as a zombie. Many in the Fluther community seem to love all things zombie.

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Mitt Romney—now that’s scary!

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@Brian1946 I was not a Philadelphian until 1986. But that still doesn’t explain why anyone should care what Dr. J wears on halloween. I saw him play live on once, in a college game played down in Springfield. I’m afraid I probably didn’t really appreciate what I was seeing at the time.

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Dr J as Dr Who

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@ucme Now that’s scary.
@gailcalled GQ. Even if the previous costume creators are not willing or able, I bet we could find a Jelly with talent to create one. It comes down to whether it would be allowed, and if it is possible to post it, once created.
@YARNLADY Those are excellent ideas!
@augustlan Thanks for chiming in. Even an old costume would work, if doable.
@Bellatrix That’s another good idea. Zombie questions definitely appear frequently on Fluther.
@blueiiznh Don’t shoot me for asking this…Does Dr. Who have a standard garb?

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@Pied_Pfeffer Dr Who standard clothing depends on the viewer. The current one sports a bow tie. I think the most popular one is the one in the top row, left, with the long multicolor scarf. That’s probably because that’s the one I made the most of when I was doing costumes years ago.

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@YARNLADY Thanks for the link to Dr. Who clothing. I’ve seen a few episodes starring various Dr. Who reincarnations, and I didn’t think that there was a recognizable outfit.

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I liked the Dracula costume. If it were mine I’d wear it again.

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I sooooo want to see Dr. J as a Steampunk Octopus!

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