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Who are the top 5 greatest Americans to ever live?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 4th, 2008

Don’t say yourself.

1. Martin Luther King Jr.
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. Malcolm X
4. Franklin Roosevelt
5. George Patton

Those are mine. What’s yours?

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Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Steve P. Jobs
Robert E. Lee

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HAHA, Steve Jobs?

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#5 Singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
#4 Singer of The Rolling Stones
#3 Singer of Pink Floyd
#2 Singer of AC/DC
#1 Jack Black.

(wait, are all my peeps Americans?)

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@ jstringham, yes STEVE JOBS, haha

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hey why arent there any women??

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1. MeeMaw Shaffer
2. Elvis
3. Evil Kenevial
4. Jackie Robinson
5. Matt Groening

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I couldn’t think of any women who changed our country for the better more than these five men. Believe me, Rosa Parks would be on my top 10.

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William Penn
Martin Luther King Jr.
Benjamin Franklin
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

Honerable Mentions::
Harry S TrumanWillie Howard Mays
and, of course,

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Didn’t you read the finer print of the question. Actually the first line. haha.

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AstroChuck makes his own rules!

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@wizard 5–2 were such great people that you dont even know their names lol. Pink Floyd and the Stones are English and ACDC is from Australia.

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Actually I didn’t want people to have to look up the names if I posted them.

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Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Gerald Ford

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#1 John Lennon
#2 Martin Luther King
#3 Ben Franklin
#4 Nikola Tesla
# Oscar The Grouch

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John Lennon was British.

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