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Place to go to buy an online business?

Asked by DrewJ (427points) September 20th, 2012

Hi there. I know you can go somewhere where people are selling their brick and mortar business. For example, there is a florist in my neighborhood with an ad on craiglist that he is selling. I’d like interesting in buying an online retail store and taking it over. Was wondering if there is a place online where people list this stuff. I know of craigslist but is there a popular place that focuses on this?

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Here are links to several.

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Thanks. Google was the first thing I tried. Didn’t find what I was looking for.

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Whay didn’t start your own ecommerce website? Check out izzonet or magento to create, host, and run your own store.

If you insist to buy a well established store, you might check out flippa, this site is a marketplace to sell and buy website/software directly from website admin/owner.

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