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Are you an airplane talker?

Asked by sarbee (242points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I just sat next to one for two hours…

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lol… no i am an airplane sleeper.. (i sleep through the whole ride)

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no not me, I never wanna go on a plain… I feel that if I do it will crash and burn. I’m afraid of flying.

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Yea, I talk the whole time! It’s the only thing to do on a three-hour ride. I’ll usually start a chat with some random person just to get some strange reactions.

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@exek1, I’m pretty sure these plains won’t crash on ya. ;-P

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i think he ment plane..mmkay!

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Nice one robmandu!

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hey dont make fun of my bf :\

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I love meeting random people when I travel!! Chance encounters are the coolest! Although I’m not the non-stop jabberer on a flight (because I’m not crazy about flying) but it’s great when you get in to conversation with someone.

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I always want someone to strike up a conversation with me. Especially some really attractive man. But I always end up sitting next to a family with small children or someone not as much fun as an attractive man, and they never say a word to me. The challenge is for someone to ask me what it is I do, and then see if I can actually make up an exciting job (like National Geographic photographer, or shopper for celebrities), and keep the story going for the duration of the flight. If any of you are ever sitting net to me, please make my dream come true.

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Fully charged iPod with new music collection person me. I’m not too good with talking to people off the bat like that.

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It depends on the person I guess I usually sit with family and I’m usually on 7–9 he flights so uhhh. No

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Not great at initiating, but its the best when it happens. Those cheesy luxury advertising magazines on airplanes really dont do the job on a 3-hour flight

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oh sorry its just that this thing keeps correcting me. What I was trying to say is plane….. LOL.

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i like to watch MOVIES, read BOOKS and play GAMES on the intercontinental flights. I don’t do go on too many local flights. The only conversation I have had with people on the plane is whether I would like some gum. I wouldn’t mind talking to someone, but I wouldn’t want to talk to them (or them talk to me) throughout the 17 hour flight. That would just piss me off. Most of the passengers usually talk to me to make sure I am okay, because I have motion sickness and don’t really eat during the whole plane trip. That’s why I need to stay distracted with movies, books and music so I don’t focus on the illness at hand. ps – when i was young, and on the plane with my family, i once saw a passenger who I thought was a famous celebrity. I was clearly wrong, but I guess at that time I was too young to differentiate faces. He looked only slightly similar according to my parents. I annoyed him throughout asking him if he was the said celebrity and asking for an autograph. Lucky for him, it was a local flight, and apparently he didn’t mind it (that’s what my mom says anyway).

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I an read a book on an airplane person.

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Great question!

I fly a lot on business and I am assuming you do not mean the red-eye when I try to sleep.

Most of the time I put on headphones and use the time to paint, sketch or read as I am a bit reclusive by nature. This is why I also put on headphones when I paint in public plein aire – so I can work and folks will not approach me.

But there are some occasions when I will sometimes talk with fellow passengers if they are nice and I am not on a deadline for work or need sleep before getting to my destination. I guess it depends on circumstance.

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Depends. Is the person seated next to me attractive and flirty?

- or -

Am I sitting in first class, with free access to the liquor?

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@ dog… you paint while on an airplane

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I won’t let anyone talk to me on a plane until ten minutes before we land. I use the
time to think through all the things you need a few hours for. Plane travel is so
constricting and outside of real time. Perfect for contemplation.

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I lie to people on airplanes.

It started years ago when I was trying to find the most expedient way to end conversations. E.g., the airplane talker would ask, “Are you from New York originally?” and I would simply answer “yes” rather than explaining my life story and what I was doing in New York.

Since then it’s turned into sort of a game. I try to make up the most ridiculous answers to questions that I can. Once a guy in an airport bar asked me what I was majoring in. I said “astrophysics”. He bought me an appletini.

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I only plane talk occasionally, usually when someone talks to me first and seems remotely interesting or surprising. Otherwise, I read.

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@melly6708 Yes

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@niki – I do the same thing. It’s been a long-standing game to make up a wild, but believable, story when I travel. I also do it for high school reunions.

Another fun game is to make them think you don’t know English. I’ve been caught once, though, when the guy started responding in Japanese.

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I don’t initiate, I only offer gum, but I will respond and even engage a bit if the person seems pleasant. Generally I don’t get too chatty, preferring to read or whatnot. I do remember fondly one trip which I anticipated to be horrible, as I was flying home to a funeral and was deeply sad, but I was saved by two friendly guys on either side of me who gently joked and chatted the entire way, keeping me somewhat distracted. The presence of these two plane-talkers was a blessing on a day when I was fearful of making a journey alone.

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