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I am looking for a sweet-tasting cigarillo!

Asked by effi (85points) September 21st, 2012

I would like feedback from people who have tried a variety of cigarillos; I am looking for one that is sweet-tasting. I used to smoke cloves a lot, and then they got banned in the US. The clove cigars are very bitter so I don’t enjoy them as much as I did the cloves.

Is there a sweet-tasting cigarillo out there? Or is bitterness a given when dealing with mini cigars?

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Swisher Sweets should work for you

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Have been purchasing my cloves from there since the ban took effect (like you said, the “cigar” ones suck). I hardly smoke maybe one or two a month, so it takes me forever to get through a case (10 packs), and I usually end up giving most of them away.

It sounds shady, you literally have to go western union your money to Indonesia. But it’s legit.

Cigarello’s in my experience are disgusting… and I am a semi-avid cigar smoker.

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If you’re bent on trying to find an alternative here in the US…. ACID brand cigars are sweatened very similarly to cloves. My personal favorite is the 1400cc, and the Kuba Kuba is very similar and their most popular. They’re not as bitter as most cigars, but still a bit bitter…. also it’s a whole cigar at like 5–8 bucks a pop rather than a single cigarette/clove.

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You should quit smoking.
Have some chocolate cigarettes instead.

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LOL @ragingloli—Truth be told, I haven’t had a cigarette or a cigarillo in over two years. ;) But lately, when I get together with girlfriends for a glass of wine, I’ve been missing the clove I used to have with it. I’ve never been a “smoker”; they actually leave a really bad taste in my mouth if I have more than two or three a week.

@tedd I really appreciate your suggestions, thank you! I don’t really like smoking the fat cigars…is the 1400cc a fat cigar or a slim cigar? If it’s a slim, I will definitely try it! I had read online about ordering cloves from India but it seemed like a lot of people had trouble with customs holding their packages for various reasons. How many times have you ordered from India and have you ever had any problems?

@DrBill I remember smoking those in college and I had thought about giving them another try. So I think I will do that. :)

Thank you everyone for your answers!

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@effi Both the cigars I listed are fat. Unfortunately I don’t know of any cigarello’s that have a good flavor :(. I’ve ordered cloves from that website 3 times, and never had any trouble getting them. The last time I did it I had to western union the guy his money, and if you e-mail him he has the most broken english you’ve ever heard… If I hadn’t already done it with paypal immediately after the ban took effect (paypal has since stopped allowing itself to be used for such purchases) there’s no way I would’ve done it. But it’s legit. I’ve got 3–4 boxes at home right now :).

Wait I just recalled a slim cigar… let me see if I can find the name and I’ll come back and post it…

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Here we go….

You can get these at most cigar shops in a single tin of 10. They’re similar to cloves in flavoring, but more cigar like. You could try them, but remember they’re still technically a cigar, so it will be different from cloves. (they’re mini too, a bit bigger than a regular cigarette)

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Awesome, @tedd, thank you so much! I’m going to check with my husband about ordering from India but I’ll look into the ambrosia cloves too. I’m also going to try Swisher Sweets again—they’re mini, not slim, but I remember liking their flavor…

Excited to try something new, in the ambrosias! Thanks again. :)

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I used to smoke these, they’re called Prime Times

Of course you don’t have to buy the carton. Smoke shops should carry them per pack. They are literally sweet.

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@Whitetigress That is exactly what I’m looking for!! Already ordered the ambrosia clove cigars that @tedd recommended. Gonna call the local shops on these next! Between these two new options, I have a hunch my search will soon be over! ^^

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