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How to jailbreak an iTouch?

Asked by wizard (703points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I understand I have to download ziphone and run the jailbreak on my 1.1.4 iTouch, but after it says it’s done my iTouch goes to a screen where it won’t do anything! I need help getting it to actually go back to the homescreen after I jailbreak it. Because everytime I try it gets stuck and then I have to restore it. Do I have to download something? If so, where?

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jail breaking is hard to me.. and everytime u have to update the apps get taken away.. but u should google it.. i was trying to jail break my bf’s but got no where..good luck

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just wait till the update on June 9th.

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yeah.. just buy the updates that come out.. i think its worth it.. because you dont want to mess with your computer risking getting a virus or something with all the programs that need to be installed.

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I don’t understand its so easy even a cave man can do it.. Just wait pwnage will be the new way to jailbreak 2.0

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you could try this, too.

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jail braking is hard… I tried, my girl tried but nothing happens. BUY THE UPDATES!!! Its safer faster and reliable.

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wow you probaly forgot to put your auto lock set to never

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