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What's the best thing I can eat in the morning?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) September 21st, 2012

I have a VERY high metabolism and usually burn off my breakfast by the time I get to Physical Education class (it’s my 4Th period class and right before lunch). I’m always hungry when I enter the locker room and can’t preform at my best because of this.

I run laps around the track every day to help me practice for when we have to run the mile, and get in an average of seven laps (1¾ mile).
What can I eat in the morning that will stick with me until the end of fourth period?

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High protein.

Toast with peanut butter, maybe a hard-cooked egg.

A high carb breakfast (Cocoa Puffs?) is going to burn off before you get off the bus. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to nosh on a granola bar or a handful of almonds before class, either.

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High protein, high fiber, low carb. 3–4 eggs whites with one whole egg is a good way to get a lot of protein. Oatmeal will provide the fiber, sweeten it with fresh fruit instead of sugar.

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I also say oatmeal. It really sticks to your ribs.

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Breakfast sandwiches made by topping a toasted whole grain English muffin with a scrambled egg, low-fat cheese, tomato slices and spinach; a vegetable and egg-white omelet served with toast and fruit; or hard-boiled eggs served with yogurt and granola.

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Health food isn’t famous for satisfying your hunger. This girl needs bacon and eggs, hash browns, sausage, and a couple of Krispy Kreme’s.

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You might want to keep some energy bars in your locker to eat right before your PE class.

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@WestRiverrat They don’t let us eat anywhere that isn’t the lunchroom. If I get caught, I have to go to the dean’s office.

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I always did great with fried ham, two-three eggs, a bowl of grits, some hot sauce, and plenty of water. Though my doctor disagrees (unless I take it easy on the yolks).

A fresh orange before or during a workout and a glass of milk and a (small) bar of dark chocolate to nibble after always seems to make a pretty good “recovery” snack.

Continuing to keep hydrated (usually water, gatorade when it get’s really hot out) throughout the day (before/after/during) helps too, probably more than anything.

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I like to make me biscuits slathered with real butter and a bacon fat white gravy. Ain’t nothing like eating right.

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Another vote for oatmeal. My uber health-conscious brother who runs every morning swears by it. The SO and I started eating it for breakfast with fresh fruit and a dash of honey, Not only is it delicious, but it staves off any hunger pangs until later in the day.

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3 pills of propolis. Your burp would smell unique.

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You might try my concoction. I’m serious about this. It is my standard and favorite breakfast that I make the night before. I mix the following ingredients into a 24 oz container and shake it well and then let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.
-½ cup uncooked rolled oats
-2 scoops of whey protein (68 grams)
-1 & ½ cups of any whole grain cereal (like “Wheaties”)
– Add 16 oz of non-fat milk and shake vigorously (make sure that the lid is on tightly)
(Add a few raison or crasins if you want)
Give it a try. It is healthy for you and it will give you lots of energy. Also if you try it then I don’t think that you will be hungry anytime before lunch.
Good health!

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Protein fills you up, add a little fat because that also fills you up. I try to avoid white carbs most of the time. I like an omelet with chicken, cheese and tomatoes and black olives topped with chilli oil. And if you have to have bread, roll it up in some sort of wrap. I am always hungry but that keeps me going until lunch.

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coffee with toasted bread

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