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Can an old punk-rocker crumudgeon share an uplifting message that youth will hear?

Asked by ETpro (34469points) September 21st, 2012

Punk rocker Henry Rollins tries. Listen to his Big Think talk, “4 Minutes that Are Better than Any Self-Help Book I’ve Ever Read”. Do you think he hit the mark?

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I love Henry Rollins and I loved that video. Thanks for sharing @ETpro.
(Of course..I’m a bit old and curmudgeonly of course I found what he said meaningful..)

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I watched it a few weeks ago. I found it simplistic. I like Henry Rollins, though. He’s very thoughtful and intelligent, but that video didn’t really affect me in any way.

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I thought that was a reasonable message. Life always throws us curveballs, so i guess any other views are worthwhile.

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Loved it and put it on my FB status. Yep, I love it that old punk rockers can have sensible and uplifting messages, too!

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How old can a punk rocker possibly be?

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Love him, loved the message. I shared it on FB a few days back. I just hope the young people I know on FB bothered to watch it.

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@geeky_mama You guys all know that I’m an old curmudgeon myself, so I asked to find out what some of the other demographic groups here thought.

@tinyfaery Good communicators make sure their message is simple to ensure their audience can understand it quickly.

@Adirondackwannabe Thanks. I hear what he’s saying, and thought it might be enough to break through the constant chatter of the typical cell phone info.

@linguaphile Thanks for sharing it. I did the same.

@Adagio He’s 51. Invert the age and to a 15 year old, he’s ancient.

@augustlan Thanks. I was targeting my crew of 12 grandchildren. I hope they all check it out.

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Loved it.

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@zensky Thanks. Same here.

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It wasn’t the delivery that was simplistic, but the message.

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@tinyfaery That’s what needs to be simple and accessible when you are trying to influence a rebellious young person to change their ways.

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Noble message indeed. Reminds me I need to change my attitude before I lose myself completely

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“Young person” – we’re not off to a great start.

Oh, and then it didn’t get any better.

His message is reductive, simplistic, trite, and ageist. Apparently, we’re all aiming for the same thing in life – almost impossible levels of professional success. So glad I listened to someone else dictate my goals for me. I mean, I thought I might be capable of deciding what I want to do with my life, and how hard to work, and gauging generational differences in societal structures, and what morals to have, but it turns out I’m not until I’ve watched a 4 minute Youtube video of someone clearly much wiser than I am.

People are actually pretty much always telling young people what they “must” do, what they should “never” do, what they “can’t” do. It’s often contradictory to what others of the same age will say, unless it’s like this video, where it’s so vague and clich├ęd as to be pointless. He offers no actual practical advise for how to deal with obstacles. And his entire reason for making this video appears to be some kind assumption of laziness, lack of passion, and apathy among young people today – after all, why make a video telling them to never give up, never surrender unless you perceive your audience as inclined towards giving up and surrendering, and even more so than the rest of humanity?

There is a difference between “things I want to say, and think other people should hear”, and “saying things they will actually hear”.

I would now like to make a video informing older generations of how I think they should live their lives, because apparently, that’s considered “uplifting” and not “rude, self-important, and condescending”.

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I prefer Stephen Fry’s message.

Do not set goals. They keep you from becoming who you really are.

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I found it boring, and a bit condescending.

(Pretty ironic considering I have a Black Flag tattoo, but then again Black Flag went downhill after Henry joined the band).

His heart is in the right place though.

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I don’t think the message should just apply to young people, even though it’s directed at young people. I think it should apply to all ages.

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Would never had worked on me at that age. Just sayin’.

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