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Guys 18-25, which is it? boxers or briefs?

Asked by titan9 (12points) June 4th, 2008

im in an argument with a couple people about weather or not the brief has gone extinct. i have no problem with it, i’m a 23 year old guy that has worn briefs since childhood. they’ve never been an issue with any of my girlfriends, have any of you had a reason to switch? furthermore, are there any health benefits to one choice over the other?

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I’ve always been a ‘boxer’ kind of guy.

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Briefs usually. No real complaints though someone with odd ideas who wanted me extra-fertile tried giving me boxers for ventilation. The boxers I have actually end up being a problem when running or walking a lot or doing other non-trivial leg activities – the briefs offer substantial functional value.

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Boxers. Better fertility, my doc told me.

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False dichotomy!

Euro-cut boxer briefs in smoother poly-pro materials. No cotton.

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thank you mangus, but there’s nothing false in the dichotomy of the question, other than the fact that you did bring up a THIRD option, which would make it some sort of tertiary dichotomy if you will

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You can find a lot more answers to this question here

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BOXERS!!! More space and more ventilation

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Mostly Boxers. Briefs with dress pants.

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lol @ Wizard. Briefs for me. Childhood thing.

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Boxer breifs. The support of breifs with the added length of boxers.

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boxers. more room for “the boys”. but recently at night, ive been rolling around in bed and it gets “tangled” (the best word that i can describe it) so ive been sleeping in the nude. its amazing!!

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lol zack, my gf makes sure that once i hit the sheets underwear of ANY kind is gone

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@titan9: It’s not a criticism, but do I think I called it correctly. A false dichotomy is when a choice or decision is offered as an either/or, when in fact there are more than two options. Democrat/Republican, gay/straight, male/female are all good ones. “Your either with us, or against us” is another good one.

You presented only two choices, when in fact there are more. Of course, choice of undergarment technology isn’t high on the list of issues of import, but I thought it fun to point out!

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boxer briefs, but I change it up every couple months

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Boxer briefs for sure. All the women I know agree with me as well. I guess the biggest concern for people would be they don’t led themselves too well if you’re out of shape, or err… if you aren’t too well endowed.

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@mangus: i refered two only two choices because that is where this question stemed from. whether or not there was a third option was irrelevant, hence the wording in my original question. i’m well aware of the advent of boxer-briefs, but didn’t ask about them. i am more than thankful for the input people have had, and thusly had not mentioned that the “third” option is not inclusive of my off-line argument, the argument that brought me to this site. while i appreciate not only your input, but your opininon, please dont belittle my intelligence by finding it “fun” to point out the obvious and imply ignorance on my part

dichotomy itself refers to TWO choices.
a “false” dichotomy would bring up the third.
it’s greek word, meaning cut in half,
not thirds

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My officemate suggests that this sub-thread is my fault, for even engaging after the first answer. Sigh.

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lol, i mean no malice in my words, as this question wasn’t what I should wear, it was asking a consensus between the two. your co-worker is right tho.
furthermore… this “euro-cut” boxer brief does intriuge me.

i am sorry i came off agressively

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i rock one of those elephant trunk underwear where your junks in the trunk.
if im not in one of those i rock a borneo horn gourd.

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Tighty whities actually. I begrudgingly switched to boxers like most of my peers in sixth grade from overwhelming peer pressure, but towards the end of high school I started to wear boxer briefs and then moved on to colored briefs. Ultimately I just gave in and stopped caring, and now most of the time I wear regular white briefs. I think the majority young guys would probably prefer to wear briefs most of the time (if not at least occasionally), but lack the confidence because of the stigma attached to them (childish, utilitarian, out-dated etc.).

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