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How can i get true full screen browsing on a mac?

Asked by koesac (148points) June 4th, 2008

So i need a browser that will auto refresh at a given rate, which i can do with a firefox plugin. I can get this to work in windows, but on mac i can’t get true fullscreen. I can always see the menu bar and the window top bar (with the close button). Additionally i need to set this up on a secondary monitor.

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the window will look like this always when you have the window maximized, why do you need that extra quarter inch of space

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I need to display the web pag on the tv and it looks ugly with the extra bars. It is frustrating b/c windows which is inferior in lots of ways can do it.

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my guess is, go with opera, native refresh, true fullscreen, all in one package

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@iwamoto: Thank you so much that is perfect :)

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And if you miss Firefox, try the Fullerscreen extension.

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@vincentt: Thanks but i have tried this and it doesn’t work on Mac.

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plainview has just come out and looks good. But i still think that opera is better.

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Also, I don’t know if this will work because I don’t have a Mac. Use w/e browser and use expose with only window will it maximize it completely?? I dont know. Try it and tell me.

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expose is used to show
– all screens
– all screens of the current app
– no screens

let’s say i’ll use the all screens of this app. (Webkit) it wil look like this instead of the regular this

not so full screen…right ? so please, don’t…just don’t, ok ?

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SIMBL and MegaZoomer
Works for ll cocoa applications

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You could use it with any browser. Just go to the Apple Menu, Dock, Turn Hiding On (If it isn’t already) and extend the bowser full. Then turn hiding back on (if you want) and there is full screen.

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Well, you still have all the menus and stuff, megazoomer is the only way to gett real full screen.

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