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What should my Halloween costume be?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) September 22nd, 2012

I had a Halloween costume idea but my friend also had the same and she’s definitely put dibs on it. Anyway, I wanted a Halloween costume that’s edgy, hardcore yet good looking.
Like a costume with a jacket, blazer and boots, in that type of area. I had like the idea of SuckerPunch characters but I don’t do well with showing my stomach. So yeah.

Anyone can think of a character or whatever that has that type of style for Halloween?

Thanks in advance!

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This one
Shave your head, get a barcode tattoo on the back of your head, and carry a silenced pistol.

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You mean like Puss in Boots? Which could also be Robin Hood (with a bow & arrow) or Pinocchio (with a long nose) or a pirate (with an eye patch and a ruffly blouse.) I’m not sure what you mean by hardcore. If you mean raunchy, you can do that just by making up a name for yourself.

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I like the idea of Puss and Boots. How cute!

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Any costume that leaves skin exposed seems to be popular. I vote a female turned Cyrus from Trailer Park Boys, but you’re vulnerable. And glue a literal potato chip to your shoulder! Then if people ask and the reference would fall on deaf ears – all you have to do is say tough person with chip on their shoulder. A casino soda fountain Fonzi look. It would work trust me.

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My vote would be for a Unicorn

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this Avengers costume is very cool looking. Go for the deluxe costume it will be much better. It has to be lycra or the jumpsuit won’t fit right. Make sure you are lean and mean before attempting to wear this though!
Another more wearer friendly but feirce costume would be this Snow White and the Huntsman costume.

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How about this one. She looks like a bad arse. costume Or this one….costume

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@Daisygurl Harley Quinn is great but I like Poison Ivy even better!

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@ragingloli Link isn’t working? I keep getting a picture with the words “visit for more review” etc
@creepermax Haha the potato chip costume would of been great for the proverb and sayings houseparty that I went to!

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