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Is it normal to get emotional during yoga practice?

Asked by cinnAmini (29points) September 22nd, 2012

I am a big yoga fan, practice regularly, and feel great. Lately, even when I’m in a great mood, I will start to experience crazy deep emotional reactions to certain yoga postures. It isn’t the physical movement so much that triggers it…rather, it’s like the yoga asana itself is releasing pent-up, hidden feelings. Am I nuts?!

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Yes, It happens all the time. We store emotions in our bodies and various poses release those feelings and people feel things strongly or cry. It is very common.

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The word “normal” is a statistical term and has no validity in relation to your feelings. You feel what you are feeling. That is a good thing. “Am I nuts?” is also not helpful language.

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Especially when you do hip work. Lots of emotion in the hips.

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Yes, our body stores lots of memory. Physically, energetically, your asanas are releasing them. :)

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Makes me want to get into yoga!

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Yes, perfectly ‘normal’ as others point out, the body stores feelings and asanas are perfect for letting them out.
In my personal experience and while teaching beginners it comes up that ‘non-specific’ emotion will express itself. Sometimes it’s a wash of sadness, often it is profound relief, occasionally a jolt of anxiety.
Early on in my asana practice the cobra would make me feel like I was home after being away for a long, long time – sweet!
Especially when you are working on your own, carefully explore those asanas that cause this. Be at peace with the release and healing. Release of such stored emotions is often accompanied with a positive shift in life outlook as you’re no longer encumbered by it.

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Thank you all so much for your responses! I don’t feel nearly as odd about my emotional experiences now. @gail, I very much appreciate your attention to conscious language, something I need to work on. @Judi, it’s always in the hips!! @dabbler, that is great advice, you sound like an awesome teacher! :)

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Thanks for the information and discussion. It is pretty new to me. I believe that yoga benefits you both physically and emotionally. Doing yoga regularly will help you having more control over your emotions.

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