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Best cat litter for odor control?

Asked by seekingwolf (10410points) September 22nd, 2012

My boyfriend and I got a cat just over a week ago from the humane society.

He has the smelliest poops I’ve ever encountered with a cat. Vet says he’s fine. I come home and just after 1 day of cleaning the litter, there are 7 whole turds in the box.—I was like “really? I don’t feed you THAT much. C’mon.”—

In addition to changing it more often, I need a better litter. Something to deal with the smell better. Any ideas? I’m using the Arm and Hammer brand and no real luck.

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Switch catfood, some of them can be the problem.

Are you feeding dry, canned, raw or a combination?

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Combination. I consulted with vet about his diet.

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@seekingwolf Oh god, LMAO. Maybe mix some baking soda into the cat litter?

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Already did. That doesn’t really work well.

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Try different diets. I’m thinking something easy on the kidneys. I don’t like the sound of this.
And guys I apologized by PM for that.

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@seekingwolf then try different brands.

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So what’s the best litter?

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I use “LitterClean” because it is made for multiple cats (I have six, all inside) I get it at Sam’s. and it seems to work good

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Best thing to do is just clean the litter box multiple times a day. Also, if you can, keep it somewhere a bit out of the way, like a room the cat can get to but isn’t right next to the living room, such as a laundry room.

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This is the best: Yesterday’s News

Petco has an in-house generic version, too. It’s made out of paper pellets. It needs to be filled only an inch and then cleaned daily if you have multiple cats. But it won’t smell bad. The problem with clay litter, clumping litter, and silicone litter is that nothing neutralizes the ammonia in the cat pee. This paper litter neutralizes that ammonia more than anything else I’ve ever tried. And it’s dust free, so there isn’t microscopic pieces of cat pee sitting on craters of microscopic clay dust.

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My cat uses Scoop Away and you can faintly smell the smell of the grey litter stuff, but no other smell. (Plus, it’s easy to scoop away because it clumps). I’m pretty sure she has used Fresh Step in the past, too, which worked even better.

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I use The World’s Best Cat Litter for the biodegradeable quality of the litter. The hype about absorbing odors is just that…hype.

Cleaning the feces and clumps of urine daily is a very good idea. Emptying the entire box weekly and then scrubbing with a neutral soap, like “Dr. Bronner’s,” and hot water is also a very good idea.

An excellent natural deodorant for the area is one (don’t use more than one…you will be asphyxiated) cotton ball saturated in peppermint oil from the health food store. Good for mice prevention also.

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Right now I’m using Tidy Cats with a deodorizer; I have two four month old kittens and it’s working ok. The deodorizer is a bit perfumy but that dissipates quickly, it’s not just to mask the odors.

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There is a type with added lavender not so? It seems to be rather good! (There is that type in Europe)

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I used to use Fresh Step for years, but recently they changed their formula, and now the litter doesn’t clump. So I changed to Arm and Hammer clumping for multiple cats. Works pretty well, but as far as odor control, I don’t see a lot of difference from one litter to another (except the cheap ones, of course.)

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I have not changed his diet yet but he has not had gargantuan poops again so I’m leaving it alone for now. He did vomit some a while ago during the gargantuan poop phase so I’m thinking it was a stomach bug. He does not go outside.

I’m experimenting with different litters. Arm and Hammer isn’t doing it for me.

Stinky kitty!

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A good diet should eliminate the problem. I find vets to be unhelpful in this matter. The food they tout is just as much junk as the grocery stores. Which is all junk. I have a cat, I switch from lid. Limited ingredient diet and chicken soup for cat lover’s. Not because they are the best but because they are the least expensive that have quality ingredients. Look for no fillers including meat filler at least in the top ingredients. Should have a min of %30 protein limited grains. This will help with weight energy coat and voiding issues. Also you can supplement their diet with healthy real food. Tuna water for females.. males have kidney issues that seafood exacerbates. Veggies rice without additives etc.

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Tried a few kinds of wet food. He just can’t tolerate it. I’ve given up on finding him wet food because I’m sick of cleaning up puke.

He eats his dry food and now has no issues with vomit or poop, so I guess I’ll just keep him on the dry for good. Sorry kitty, no more wet!

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a cat is domestic animal. and i like the cat’s.

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I found that Fresh Step extreme works pretty well. It’s heavily scented so it’s not good for allergy cats, but it made a difference in my house.

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