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I associate this brand with product x so much - that I could never buy ____ from them?

Asked by zensky (13357points) September 22nd, 2012

I noticed an ad for Dupont perfume – and though I’m sure it might be nice, I can’t help but associate Dupont with glue. Thus, I cannot bring myself to even try their perfume.

Silly? Maybe. I’m sure the psychologists have a term for it.

So, have you experienced this?

Perhaps we can also play a game; use your imagination and tell us which brand you associate so much with product _____ so that you cannot bring yourself to buy ______.

And have a fluther day.

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I can’t help but associate Tyson so much with chicken that I could never buy chocolate from them.

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Tyson also might bite my ear off.

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I used to mix up velveeta with this one fancy ice cream that would come in a rectangular box. So I missed out on ever eating it since I have a vendetta against velveeta. Ew. Well, kind of similar. If I had to coin some term I would say “Dual brand association hyper overdrive”

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“Dual brand association hyper overdrive”
That’s awesome! (I coined ‘auto-pilot adversarial’ several years ago. I’m still rather proud of it)
I still mix up Exxon Valdez disaster with Juan Valdez, the coffee guy.

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I used to associate Shell gas with Apartheid and never bought from Shell. I still didn’t for several years after Apartheid was over, but recently have given in.

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Chick-fil-A…need I say more?

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@yankeetooter Not all jellies be American.

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