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Do you know of any good books/movies?

Asked by tups (6709points) September 23rd, 2012

I just read Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and I liked it a lot. Do you know of any books similar to that one? I would like some inspirational books.

As for movies, I like My Own Private Idaho, Into The Wild, I’m Not There. Do you know any movies like that?

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It’s tough to think of similar books/movies. I’ll do a brain dump here. Some are going to be simply somewhat road-related (and still good).

First, check out The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

As for movies, here are a few (somewhat) road-related movies, which while completely unrelated to Into The Wild and Idaho, might be worth checking out: Easy Rider, The Straight Story, Sideways, Stranger Than Paradise, Broken Flowers, The Darjeeling Limited, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Wild at Heart, The Road.

Ok, I think I completely missed the mark here. Also, skip the last one if you want to be in a good mood.

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Oh, and a couple of classic b-grade road trip movies: Highway 61 (with Jello Biafra brief cameo), and Roadside Prophets (with Ad Rock and John Doe, and a bunch of cameos, including Timothy Leary and Flea). Haven’t seen these in many years, but were quite campy.

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Never Cry Wolf was a terrific book and movie.
Lawrence of Arabia is equally inspirational.
Both of these are true stories.

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If you are interested in something inspirational, here is one recommendation:
Touch the Top of the World: A Blind Man’s Journey to Climb Farther Than the Eye can See by Erik Weihemayer. The author is blind, but it hasn’t stopped him from attempting great physical feats.

If you liked the travel stories of Jack Kerouac, you might also enjoy Bill Bryson’s books. They are sprinkled with humor as he describes traveling around different countries on a budget.

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Read some Hunter S Thompson.

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I’m going to mention a book I liked reading not for inspirational value but because it was a bloody good read, and the second because it is inspirational, not on a personal level, but it’s amazing what one person can do in order to achieve their goal/s in life.
The one that isn’t inspirational, it’s called A Place In Hell, by H.R.Kaye. I remember reading it when I was 17, having got acquainted with some bikers at my then girlfriend’s father’s old haunt (a pub out in the middle of goddamn nowhere called The Royal Oak). They were the funniest guys I ever met, and I just got interested in finding out more about motorcycle clubs and associated gang cultures – it’s gross at times, but largely that book is certainly eye-opening.
As for inspirational, I’d go for Nigel Mansell’s autobiography. If there’s an inspiring read to be found anywhere, that book is simply the book to read. The guy gives up everything to chase his dream, and the whole book from start to finish is simply mind-blowing. There is a man who really worked his ass off to get where he wanted to be, and his family are just as inspiring because they all went through a lot with him, endured a heck of a lot for him, and they all seem to come up trumps. Certainly a book I’d recommend for any fans of the one-time F1 driver, and it’s still worth a read even if Formula 1 isn’t your kind of thing.

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