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How do you feel the days after you've been drunk?

Asked by tups (6709points) September 23rd, 2012

I’m not talking about the physical hangover, more the mental one. Well, physically I feel awful sometimes and other times just tired. But I often feel really down mentally. I feel like I have ruined things, did stupid things, like it was all very weird and I don’t want to see people again monday. Do you know what I’m talking about? How do you feel mentally the days after?

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Depends on how much you don’t remember. Nota bene most likely everybody else were drunk as well and feel the same way i.e. focus on how they might have screwed up, so unless you danced naked on a pool table or some such, you should be fine ergo relax ;-)

Back in the day when I still got drunk on an irregular albeit frequent basis the next day I’d either feel “Oh god I did WHAT?!” or “Oh yeah, that was ME! heh heh”. Word of advice? When the blackouts start becoming longer and more frequent, quit drinking for a while. Cheers!

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The next day, after a night of really hard night of drinking (which always begets next to no sleep), mentally everything feels like it’s packed in cotton, so I’m not much up on thinking good, bad, or otherwise. I’m generally a very well behaved drunk, not at all prone to blackouts, and pretty firm in my “gotta be able to laugh at yourself” philosophy so I get to avoid the self-flagellation. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also noticed the “wtf!?! let’s not do that again!” reaction more and more and lo-and-behold over the years nights like that have gotten further and further and further apart.

All I can say is lighten up on yourself. It’s sort of like that old Vegas saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and it all makes for some pretty good stories and laughs the next time you’re out with friends.

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And for a different opinion, if you feel like shit about yourself after getting drunk and are afraid to face people, maybe don’t do it.

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And for the same different opinion, what’s the pleasure in the physical distress, the mental anguish, and the waste of a day or two weekly of your “one wild and precious life”?

Do you ever consider also what damage you are doing to your one wild and precious liver?

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It sounds like you have a drinking problem. Most adults drink, sometimes. But most adults are social drinkers, not binge drinkers. A glass of wine with dinner or a few beers at a picnic or a Superbowl party constitutes social drinking.

Drinking heavily to the point where you pass out, or even if you don’t pass out, but you can’t remember what you did or who you did, or if you end up drinking so much that you throw up, or you drive while you are drunk, or if you get mean with people when you drink, or if you injure yourself and can’t remember how you got hurt, or if you constantly feel hung over, and if you feel guilty about what you may have done when you got drunk, these are all signals that something is out of whack with your drinking. You may be a binge drinker and you may be an alcoholic. Either way, your drinking is causing you harm and you should probably get some help and do something about it before you end up hurting or killing yourself or someone else.

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Okay everyone, please relax. I appreciate your concern, but I am not an alcoholic! I only drink at parties and stuff, sometimes only once in a month or so. It is the culture in my country. If I am an alcoholic, then I have no idea what most other young people are. If I am an alcoholic, then my whole country’s youth is alcoholics.
I was just curious about how your mental hangover is. I guess our culture is different.

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What country? What culture? Drinking too much is drinking too much, no matter where the bar you belly up to is located. The youth in your culture is not the issue; your behavior and health is.

I went back and checked some of your other questions. You have talked about mood swings, feeling regret, being blue, and issues that hint of depression. The answers you have gotten here, under the circumstances, are not so outlandish.

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Yikes, well I never feel that bad. Occassionally if I drink too much I might not remember the end of the night, but I still generally don’t make decisions that I will be outright ashamed of for the upcoming week. If anything it makes me feel crappy physically (and silly mentally, like, what was the point of that deni?) but it lasts for a day at the most and usually less. If I felt as terrible as you describe I would probably stop drinking.

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@tups Just because you live in a different country, it doesn’t mean that you (and the rest of the people you’ve described) don’t have a drinking problem. There’s even stereotypes based on particular cultures because of their collective drinking problems. I won’t mention any of them, because you and most people probably know of them too (and no it does not mean that every person that comes from one of these countries or cultures is an alcoholic or has a drinking problem). But the stereotypes are based in reality.

If you, or anyone else, has hangovers often, and problems remembering what you’ve done or where you’ve been, coupled with physical pain and and feelings of guilt or remorse, you’ve got a drinking problem. No matter what country you live in, and no matter whether you only drink at social gatherings.

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You guys really misunderstood this question. I don’t want to get all defensive and denial, but I do not have a drinking problem at all. I don’t really drink that often and I don’t get hammered everytime. I was at a big party, people drank, you get it… That’s it, man. You guys are seriously overreacting. I didn’t even do a lot of stupid stuff, I just have a worried mind and that’s got nothing to do with drinking.

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Your words:
I’m not talking about the physical hangover, more the mental one. Well, physically I feel awful sometimes and other times just tired. But I often feel really down mentally. I feel like I have ruined things, did stupid things, like it was all very weird and I don’t want to see people again monday.

Seriously, you can’t see that you’re describing a person with a drinking problem?

Here’s some Info about determining whether one has a drinking problem.

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@Kardamom I can see why you can get that idea, but I put it in the wrong way. This question came across way different than I had intended. Sorry, but I’m not even gonna look at that info. I appreciate the concern again, but you guys don’t even know me. I can’t really take this seriously.

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@tups Of course I don’t know you, nor do any of the other Jellies, we can only go by what you post.

Why not have a look at the info about determining whether you have a drinking problem? It can’t hurt you to look and you might learn something about yourself or some of your friends.

I always find it ironic that people who do have drinking problems, almost always deny it.

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@tups: Too bad you are so dismissive of the people who took the time to write serious and thoughtful answers. Whose fault is it that your question did not express what you meant it to express?

Next time, write more carefully and edit, perhaps, before asking us anything.

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I totally know what you are talking about. I am from a long line of pissheads. I really have slowed down my drinking, because the physical I could handle, but I would always be really depressed afterward. ( I did a dumb thing recently, fortunately it was around people I know well and I apologised).

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I never drank much, and as I got older, I drank less and less. Most of the reason for that is what you describe in this question. If I get drunk—and for me, that means just enough to notice—like two or three drinks—then I pay for it the next day. Not with a headache. I feel tired and slow and my body seems to hurt extra bad (it always hurts, these days).

So I don’t really want to drink at all, any more. The pleasure from getting drunk… well, it’s not really there any more. And the pain of recovery is just too big.

I think I used to drink mostly due to peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it. But I’m not giving into that as much any more. I don’t see a need to do anything that doesn’t feel good. Drinking is supposed to feel good, but it doesn’t feel good to me.

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I feel fine, mentally and physically. I look back in amusement of most drunken nights gone by. Last time i was drunk, I vomited $32 worth of Alaskan King crab legs all over my shower floor. When I woke up in the morning, I saw it all caught in the drain and laughed. I then cleaned it up and went about my day.

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@Ponderer983 Hahahahah!

I just had a hangover that lasted from 9 AM Sunday morning to 2:00 AM Monday….what the hell is that? I don’t think I’ll drink for a long time.

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