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Do you agree with Mitt Romney that he is not qualified to be President of the United States?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) September 23rd, 2012

In an interview with ABC News’ David Muir, Mitt Romney said he had paid all the taxes that were required by law. Romney went on to say, “I don’t pay more than are legally due. Frankly if I had paid more than are legally due I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president.

Romney eventually made good on his promise to get back to ABC News on the tax rates he had paid in the past. While still refusing to release his tax returns as proof, he claimed that he had always paid more than 13% of his income in taxes. It’s up to you whether to believe him or not. We know he lied to the people of Massachusetts about where he paid primary residence taxes when he ran for governor here.

Interestingly, Romney’s 2011 tax return shows that if he had paid no more than what was legally due last year, he would have paid under 10%—far less than many of the 47% of Americans Romney says view themselves as victims and expect the Government to do everything for them, and far less than the 13% he claims to always pay. He deliberately overpaid to make his 13% claim true, and in so doing, invoked his statement that he is not qualified to be president. That’s one time I believe Romney actually told the truth. What do you think?

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Yes. It is obvious that he cannot relate to people outside of his own class and therefore will not be able to respond to their needs. This, at a time of high unemployment and great domestic strife. This reveals a lack of ability to understand the other person’s position, which I consider dangerous in a president. He is aware of this deficit in his character which is exhibited by the fact that in order to cover it up, he lies. But he doesn’t have the moral fortitude to stand down. I believe this is why he looks and acts so unnatural at the podium. He acts like a vanilla whitebread suburbanite who finds himself in a room full of discontented, underprivileged urban black people for the first time in his life. He can’t relate and he seems on the edge of panic. It would be hilarious if he wasn’t running for president.

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Personally, I think his social skills alone disqualify him from representing our nation in the international arena. And I am offended that people still debate whether or not he is an Aspie as a result; trust me, I know Aspies who are not even qualified to enter the workforce in any capacity who are better qualified for any sort of diplomacy than Mittens.

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The fact that he cannot manage to avoid contradicting himself no matter what would strongly suggest that he should not be president, but I don’t think it’s a flat-out disqualification.

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There are no taxes required by law. Only those given the force of law by consent.

A statute = a legislative rule of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed.
No one should pay tax on labor, only tax on corporate gains acquired by corporate activity.

Commerce = to buy and sell.
Maxim in law – the inclusion of one, means the absence of the other.

Therefore any money acquired in exchange for labor is non taxable.
If you buy something, and sell it on without adding value, then any money acquired from the sale of such an item is considered commerce.

Having said that, although I don’t believe Mitzi-boy should pay tax on any money he earned from the supply of his labor, I still don’t think he’s a good choice for president.

But then again, neither would any other candidate offered by the bilderberg left right paradigm.

Oh, sorry, yes, I don’t believe he’s qualified to be president, as to qualify, I feel you would need to be a real human being, and not a bought and paid for puppet.
(again, the UK is no different).
Its high time people woke up to the game.

Peace out.

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He isn’t stupid, but he says stupid things sometimes.
I could see last year that he was the weakest of the Republicans to run against Obama, yet the only one who could win the primary.
Honestly, how can anyone think he is able to handle the worst job in the world?

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Mitt Romney is NOT qualified to represent the people of the United States as our President. He has no points of reference with the average American & no points of reference with the problems facing the average American. He appears to be an ambitious man, who is after Power & even more money – and in pursuit of the power of the Presidency, he is willing to say anything and/or do anything. He does not come across as having any empathy or compassion at all. Obama is far from being a perfect President, but he does appear to care about the average American & usually we know which side of an argument Obama will be on ..... with Mitt Romney, there is NO way of knowing (*except that he will be trying to make things even better for the wealthiest Americans).

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He believes in the planet ‘Kolob’.
Do I even need to elaborate?

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He won’t win anyway, so why bother nitpicking at this shit every single day?

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I believe you are asking a politically slanted question and therefore it is not deserving of an answer.

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He chose not to take as big of a deduction for his charitable contributions as he could have. I don’t see why it’s a bad thing.

Democrats arguing that a member of the richest 1% should have paid less taxes?
Politics are truly bizarre.

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Is foot-in-mouth disease fatal? Or is it just a slowly debilitating condition? Is it contagious? He needs professional attention and a definitive diagnosis.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I think it’s pretty funny that he’s been running for president for 8 years now and is still so abysmal at it. I also wonder why he didn’t clean up his tax avoidance schemes 8 years ago so he could release at least the last 8 years of taxes without fear of it destroying his campaign.

@jerv Yep, there’s nothing about Asperger Syndrome that robs a person of a heart and soul. He appears to have no core values aside from love of family, money and power.

@Qingu I think Rick Santorum put it best in the primaries when he labeled Romney, “A well-oiled weather vane.”

@Pazza There’s always the hope that people might wake up.

@filmfann I don’t think many people do think he is capable of being a good president. The puppet masters know he will do their bidding without question. And the dupes in the base believe all the wild propaganda and thus hate Obama so much they would vote for the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler over Obama.

@Crumpet I agree with the US Constitution that there should be no religious test for elective office in the US. But believing in religions that are as patently absurd as Mormonism do give me pause.

@cheebdragon Evil often triumphs when enough good people do nothing.

@DrBill So don’t answer. How hard is that?

@phaedryx Sad job at spin. I am pretty sure you can read well enough to see that’s not what I suggested.

@Sunny2 Getting that before a presidential bid would have been a good idea.

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I got a laugh out of this video posted on the tax question today.

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@ETpro , I have seen that video & it is very FUNNY !

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Is he qualified? Sure.

Do I think he’d be a good president? No not at all.

Do I think it’s very possible he paid very low or no taxes in some or all of the last 10 years? Sure I do.

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@ETpro your question is spin

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Yeah, but doesn’t he also pay 10% of his income to LDS?

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@Linda_Owl First I had seen of it.

@tedd Thanks. Agreed. But by his own standard, he did say he is not qualified.

@phaedryx Not so. Spin is distorting facts and conjuring up half truths, using edited or out-of-context quotes to distort the truth. There is none of that in my question or details. It’s all full-context of Mitt versus Mitt.

@cheebdragon I believe he gives well over 10% to charities. I find no fault at all with his charitable giving.

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@cheebdragon Actually, even that is unclear, as his actual claimed charitable donations compared to what he declared on the tax forms he has released, thus calling into question how much he really donates. In other words, he might, and he should, but we cannot be sure that he does.

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I don’t think donating to the Mormon Church should count as charity. They’re a cult and they participate in politics in truly awful ways.

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