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Have you reached the point where you have come to terms with the passage of time and no longer care about the years going by?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20049points) September 23rd, 2012

We may as well come to grips with it all. Another year slowly drawing to a close and yet another year loading on to our back.

How have you come to terms with it?

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I have an inner child, he’s 12. He can be a pain at times. But since he refuses to get any older, I like him. He keeps me young.

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I suspect I am on the downward slope towards old age and death. I don’t worry about it but I am aware of it in a sort of disbelieving way. Every now and then I go “wow… another xxx years and my parents were both dead’. I don’t find it depressing as much as it reminds me to get things done I want to do and to make the most of time with the people I love. I’m not scared of the idea of death. I don’t want to run out of time though.

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I can’t remember ever being concerned about it. It just seems like a fact of life to me.

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I think I was born that way. I mean, I wish immortality were possible, and I know I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do, but I’ve never felt anxious about time a-wasting or getting older. It’s all cool with me.

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Well, we all recognize that the years go by faster and faster. I’ve expounded on my theory of why that is so in an earlier post. We will each be okay until the speed makes your head spin. Until that happens, we can just enjoy it. Eventually, the spinning sensation addles the brain. That’s the time to let go and let yourself get dizzy. Don’t you remember the childhood joy of spinning around until you collapse in the grass laughing helplessly? That’s close to the end and so be it. Amen.

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No, unfortunately. It’s not death that makes me anxious, but the passage of time itself and the overwhelming feeling that I’ll never get everything done. Today, this week, next month, in the next five years, by the time I die… whatever, I’m always feeling under the gun.

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I consider it a blessing to have lived this long, a lot of people would have loved to be fortunate enough to grow old. When I die I have my grandparents, all my old dogs, cats and lots of friends waiting for me. Sometimes I think life is actually hell and death is Heaven…I have an Edgar Allen Poe-like love for the morbid though…lol

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Interestingly enough, this is something I have talked about with several people over the last few months. All I keep hearing is, “Where has the time gone?” “I can’t believe it’s almost October!” “Time is going by so fast!” It has made me think, and deduce, that this “fast” that we all seem to perceive is just the speed of life. If it is always fast, then it must be the way it is. Time will pass and it is what it is.

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It makes me realize how little time I have to complete the goals that I set out to do yet before I get too old to do them.

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Nah, I can still do anything.

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Because my aging body regularly reminds me that I have used more than 80% of my four-score-and-ten, I care more now than ever.

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