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What are some palindromic words?

Asked by wizard (698points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

Please, no links to sites or googling. Example of a palindromic word; racecar, rotor, civic, eye, level and radar. They are all spelled the same way backwards.

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malayalam (its a language)

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@tennis, eye-ewe?

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Tut tut, Madam Eve.

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ah that’s because i spelled it wrong. i fixed it now!

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@wildflower; see description.

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Its not one word, but a phrase: A man, a plan, a canal, panama.

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Very nice Eambos!

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Murdrum, mesem, kakkak, degged,
look them up =D

Back atcha PnL! Typo!

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mesum does not equal musem

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Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba

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but the best ever:

Go hang a salami; I’m a lasagna hog.

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Nice Playthebanjo! Hahaha

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does LOL count?
otherwise, can only think of a couple of Danish words:
kok (cook)
ror (steering wheel)

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Yo, banana boy!

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They are different.

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Two different words “A” and “I”.

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Last year in Madagascar I wrote about 37 palindromes. Here is a smattering of them (and nobody said they had to make sense):

Drab et al. loots on signals. Flu! Woe be ill-adept racecart
pedal. Lie! Beowulf slang is no stool, late bard.

Sort nitro bats a few, we fast abort intros!

Sit fat tub to prison? No sir, pot. But Taft is!

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It’s Finnish.

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Not a word but a Dutch sentence: mooie zeden in Ede zei oom.

Also see

Oh, and I’ve just started a project with the name Pivip, which is a palindrome :)

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ZOONOOZ. The first one I ever learned growing up in San Diego. It’s the name of the magazine for the members of the San Diego Zoo. It’s not only the same backwards and forwards, but upsidedown!
Al Yankovic has an entire song (Bob) of palindromes.

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Joke: The president of the world palindrome society just bought a new car: A Toyota.

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@breedmitch – Yes, but on weekends she uses a kayak.

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I would have put that up with my answer, but the ? asked for no links.

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@wizard doh, I didn’t read the question carefully.

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Had, Alas, salad ah!
Hehe it doesn’t make much sense :)

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or, a family favorite: A woman, a plan, a canal, panamowa.

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I’ve always wanted to visit Panamow√°.

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Sit on a potato pan Otis.

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-“Madam in Eden, I’m Adam”

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