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Is it possible for someone to accompany me to my gate at the airport?

Asked by AshlynM (9643points) September 24th, 2012

I’m not too comfortable flying alone and I’d like for my bf to be able to take me to my gate as a non passenger. Can he go through security with me and sit with me until it’s time to board?

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The security will not allow non-passengers past the entrance. The only exception is for minors traveling alone.

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Nope but you can always see if a doctor can give you something to help calm nerves before the flight. If he won’t than take a benedryl a half hour before. Take half if it really makes you sleepy.You don’t want to take it to soon and fall asleep as you wait and miss your flight.

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You can inform the airport staff that you are afraid of flying, depending on how bad it is. I have loads of phobias, flying is one. I’ve met some wonderful airport staff that put me at ease as I boarded. If it is not that bad, as mine I mean, just keep your phone on as you pass through and send messages to him. I feel for you! But you will be fine. :)

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My wife is deaf, and when she flew to Michigan back in August, I told the girl at ticketing that, if there was a gate change, someone would have to find and tell my wife. She smiled, and gave me an access to the gate ticket. I was able to go through security and sit with my wife at the gate till her flight took off.

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It depends. Check with your airline about their gate pass policy. Obtain a letter from your doctor about your fear of flying.

“Some airlines will issue something called a gate pass. The rules may vary from airline to airline, but here’s what Northwest has to say on gate passes:

Gate passes are provided free of charge at the airport and issued under certain circumstances noted below. You will need to speak to an airport check-in agent for assistance in obtaining a gate pass. This policy is applicable to flights departing the U.S. only. Due to immigration requirements gate passes are not issued by non-U.S. airports or when an international flight is arriving in the U.S.

The following situations are eligible for the issuance of a gate pass:

* Parent/Guardian of minors under 18 traveling alone, or children that will be met at a connecting city and picked up by a parent or guardian. Note: Children do not have to participate in the Unaccompanied Minor Program for a parent or guardian to be issued a gate pass. Please see additional information about unaccompanied minors.
* Escort for elderly passengers or passengers with disabilities needing assistance. This may include someone who will push the wheelchair, provide transfer assistance in/out of the seat, provide extensive personal assistance not provided by airline personnel such as feeding/within lavatory or a sign language interpreter. Note: The adult does not need to participate in the Adult Assistance program for the person assisting them to be issued a gate pass. Please see additional information about the Adult Assistance Program.
* Oxygen providers. This may be an employee from a medical oxygen company who the customer has contracted with to provide oxygen on the ground or a friend or family member who will bring the oxygen to/from the gate area.
* Military families. Families of military service personnel are permitted through the screening checkpoint with a gate pass for both departing and arriving military family members.”

Air Fare Watchdog

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If you don’t look like you need help probably not. @marinelife gave a good answer. One time they let my husband through with his mom, and one time they didn’t, so there is some discretion, but probably they won’t for a young capable looking woman.

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I wouldn’t think that would be legal, especially now with all the security. At my airport, you have to have a ticket to get access to the gates. However, I would think that you could get an airport employee to take you to your gate.

I was only 18, a big momma’s girl, and extremely immature for my age, but still flew to London, changed planes in New York, and found my way to my hotel and everything. If I can do it, you can do it. You don’t want your boyfriend to think you are that needy, do you?

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We have never had any trouble getting a gate pass for someone to accompany the passenger to the gate, on Southwest and Delta.

I had airline escorts every step of the way when I went to Sweden, including two plane changes each way, for a total of six airplanes, getting off and on.

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Of course it is “possible”, as described by several responses above. But it’s not “normal”; it’s at the discretion of the gate agents and TSA. So if you give advance notice, a valid reason (more than just “I’m nervous about flying”) and ask politely, then it may become “more likely” rather than “less likely”.

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@YARNLADY The OP is talking about a family member or friend. I am thinking you are talking about airport personnel?

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I think unless you are older than dirt and/or extremely physically or mentally challenged, the airport would tell you to be a big girl and get to the gate yourself.

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Maybe you can get the airline staff to accompany you.

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@Nullo That’s precisely what I had thought to write yesterday, but the issue I realized is that this is an emotional problem, and I don’t think having some stranger let alone an airline staffer, we all know how some of them can be kind-of stand next to you would be terribly helpful in this situation.

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@JLeslie We have had both. My husband accompanied me when I left home and picked me up when I arrived. My grandson accompanied his girlfriend when she left and when she returned he met her at the gate as well. My SIL accompanied Mom to the gate when she visited us last month, and Hubby met her at the gate.

I was accompanied by airport personnel at every stop, in addition to the above.

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If you make friends easily, you might consider befriending a fellow traveler at the gate and have company that way.

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My examples took place in four different airports, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Oakland.

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I have flown alone on a few occasssions. It is a little bit scary, but think of it as an adventure! You can do it by yourself, and the next time your BF flies with you, you will know what you are doing! It can also give you a chance to meet interesting people! Go for it!

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