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Why do they call 1949-1951 ford sedans "shoeboxes?"?

Asked by Riser (3485points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

my dad restores classic cars and couldn’t, for the life of him, remember why they are called shoeboxes.

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…Are they the same shape as a shoebox?

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It could be that in 49, Fords were beginning to get away from the sleek look. 46 to 48 Fords had the rounded look of the 39 and 40’s. I’ve never heard the term but that could be a reason.

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Pretty sure it was because they were boxy looking.

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in 49 the aerodynamic roundy fenders, hood, roof and trunk were out of style for a flatter roof, the rear fenders were nearly the same height as the truck lid and the front fenders were raised and the hood lowered ( due to changes in the engine placement) for a flat look with the fender going straight down and the front grill mostly verticle. the whole package was sharper, flatter and “boxy-ish”, therefore the shoebox moniker. most other makers did the same styling but the Fords got the nickname

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